What’s your job?

Ask me, what my job title is these days….go on ask me, ask me 🤪 ….ok fine I will tell you….I’m a Mother…..ask me how I spend my days….go on ask me, ask me…. 🤓 ok fine I will tell you…..I’m up at 4.30am and wake the babies up 🐯🐯, I give them morning hugs and kisses and then clean their rooms. I then pick up their 💩 and give them more morning lovies….by 7 I’m then in the house cleaning…nope I haven’t showed as yet 🤪 ….. then by 10 I hop in the shower….11…it’s feeding time and then clean up and between 2 and 4 I have sessions….4 to 6 sometimes 7pm it’s afternoon play, beddie byes snackies for the babies 🐯 and bedtime singing until they fall asleep…. and then shower and creative work starts at 9pm….till I’m tired 💤 and then beddie byes for me…..😬 so ask me me aren’t I tired all the time, go on ask me, ask me….and ask me don’t I miss corporate….go on ask me ask me…..🥸 fine I’ll tell you…,nope and nope!!!!
So this morning my silent whispers praised in gratitude because again it remembered why TPT is so amazing and why practicing or rather living Maha Khala is alchemy at its highest…..
I’ve suffered with endometriosis since I was 16…I’m 46 now….For any of you that has this disease you know the pain…for those that don’t, bless you for never getting it…..the excruciating pains don’t just last for a few days, it’s the before and after ovarian cysts and more so that you get told by the top surgeon (yip I had exhausted gynaes) that my organs may be fused due to the endometriosis and even a hysterectomy may not be the solution and I would just have to live on pain killers which my body got immune to anyways…..but for the past two years since actively practicing the sixth stage of Maha Khala I began noticing a few things……1. My thoughts stopped without effort…..and this is why I can work the entire day and not be tired or negative or frustrated wearing torn underwear or not having the time to shower first thing or even have a facial 🥰 2. Being present shifted my body to a more alkaline state with much less stress….more work is not necessarily more stress 🤔….more self love and a higher state of Prana that preparing for my healing and coaching sessions was much easier as well…..3. My major,major realization was the pains stopped even though I’m still menstruating and bleeding buckets…..there’s no freakin pain……No blackouts….no crying because I have these hot daggers of pain all over….not even mood swings….
And so….when my silent whispers showed me this, Karma just said ‘You’re welcome’ 😜
We don’t understand, until it’s too late, how much our thoughts affect the health of our body….I’ve known this as I offer my own coaching on Your body speaks your mind….but when you’re conditioned to think all the time, it takes much longer to break this habit….and it’s not easy…. Cause and Affect is not only about the big events in life but it’s happening all the time….that’s why this wheel of samsara is so freaking difficult to get off….because we’re constantly creating our own karma without awareness….
Whatever crap you’ve gone through in your life, if you think you’ve gotten over it just look at the health of your body and it will tell you if you have or if it’s just stuck in your unconscious…..waiting to go ‘Boo!’ When you least expect it……if you did the Bio-Scan this is what it highlights….the hidden physical illness that has not manifested as yet and is waiting for the right time to pounce and say gotcha! ….
And what of our children….the inundated expectations of thinking and using their intellect when they don’t need to as well….it’s time we parent different….learn from our mistakes to break this cycle of cause and affect….your child may be fine now….but you don’t know truly what’s going on in their mind…..what they tell you and what they think may be very different…..but teaching them the Maha Khala will be a huge benefit….
Become aware of how your own mind is in control of itself….you’re thinking and you’re not even aware you’re thinking and it can be about ridiculously stupid things that have no meaning whatsoever…..or it can be on emotional baggage that you’re just stuck on……..regardless…..Think when you need to think and for the rest of the time just be…..be in the activity….be in the moment…..
And see what a difference that makes to your state of happiness….and health…..and slowly these levels of being start aligning to its centeredness for the opportunity of awakening…..yip all 3 levels of being is needed and all 6 realms of your existence in order for your soul to realize itself…..
So……that being said……just being a mother is more rewarding than being the COO of my own business….

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