What you fill in your void of consciousness is what grows….I fill it with buckets of belly laughter….an ocean of Tiger Kisses and Hugs and a galaxy of Samadhi experiences of the present moment. Take an analogy of a cup, an empty cup. What do you fill it with? Lets say you like green tea? So I make a perfect cuppa and then I add more sugar and more sugar and more sugar because I’m not satisfied with the taste thinking each time it will get better and better and soon the cuppa tea is overfilling and the taste is unbearable! And such is life. We cannot accept what is given to us. We want to constantly change this present moment for something better, something more and in the process we loose sight of the gifts that Divine already blessed us with because we have hidden this amongst the ego’s desires of wants and needs. I was only able to see this when we started Nemesis, our business. When people heard we had the Nike Accessories license they would say wow and immediately I could senses they thought we were financially well off….needless to say Divine has always kept us at bay. We have always had just enough to make it through and I’m actually blessed by that. I have said to Tjaart many times, if Nemesis was too big we would loose sight of what’s most important our awakening! And so the journey deepened when Amar and Taara was gifted to us as well. A story shared in my Podcast A Mother of Tigers. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and look at what’s in your cup and decide what you want to fill it with and how much of that so that you don’t loose sight of the original purpose of its contents in the first place.

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