Trust is in action not in words!

The concept that one must ‘earn’ someones trust is based on their actions and not on their words. If someone says they love you but constantly puts you down, are you loved? If someone doesn’t say the words but constantly praises you especially in front of others or shows empathy when you least expect it, or has little routines of bear hugs or affectionate kisses, do you think the words are important? And what of friends or colleagues, how do you measure trust in them? Are there constant elements of work not done even when you are told it’s completed? Do you have to micro manage because of your lack of trust in them? And friends, do you share everything with them? Holding back would mean there’s an element of mistrust that you cannot reveal your full self to them? 

This aspect of trust is not a reflection of how inadequate the world is, but rather how developed your ruler archetype is, in controlling every situation, or how volatile your martyr archetype is in protecting itself from getting hurt or even deeper how exhausted your judge archetype is but trying to assess every person and their actions. 

But what if, just what if, you surrendered your expectations of others…better yet….lowered your expectations of others…..and better still……eliminated any expectations you have of others and looked at each situation from the present moment. Therein lies an opportunity of growth, both for yourself and for the other.

I had an employee who was loyal and hardworking and committed, but lacked consistency in action. After realising that 1/ She was slightly deaf in one ear, I understood that when I spoke I had to be clear in my communication and hence found writing down the instructions via email or even just a text was a better way for her to grasp what needed to be done. And 2/ My purpose with her was to develop my caregiver/teacher persona ( yes you can have a dual archetype relationship) in guiding her towards being more versatile and teaching her how to effectively manage her tasks as well as those under her. When you manage organisations unfortunately rules apply as structure is needed for efficiency. The opposite is true of course for spiritual awakening but, for self mastery this his most important in developing  each archetype with their place in this ego complex of the mind.  As such we develop our dormant archetypes and bring balance to a well rounded persona which becomes an easier path towards self mastery. 

The idea that we can just all become awakened without doing any work of self mastery on our levels of beings is all a hoax. Just think about it logically for yourself and apply your intelligence to this?

So this concept of trust should start with yourself. Trust in your ability to wake up every morning and make your bed, brush your teeth, shower and take on the day as each present moment presents itself and not from the limitations of the active archetypes because then you’re only working from habit and not applying your full intelligence to your selfs growth. 

Practice these mum dance tasks with awareness and you will see your issues of trust is actually not of the outside world but rather of what growth is needed within your self.

For more on the Archetypes look at the Know Thy Ego Course and start your journey of true self discovery of who you really are underneath all those layers of protection that you have so nicely quilted around you.

Or if that is too scary right now, to face your true self, start off with the Basics in understanding this cosmic creation first. 

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Keep Smiling!

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