To be to not to be!

To be a failure in life does not give you the right to judge others. 

There is nothing else to say but just to expand on this understanding. Those that judge others see themselves as failure in their own life’s endeavours. And for the most part their emotional being gets caught in the drama of the voices of their own archetypes and starts looking at reasons for justifying it’s misery. This then lends itself to judgement of the outside world, of others and their achievements or lack of. The archetypes are very sneaky.

The dark nights of the soul is real! It is the path of the true sincere seeker and unless you are fully emerged in self observation and self awareness, your mind is otherwise occupied by one or a few of your archetypes, engaging in commentary about others and the outside world. 

To be free from the bondage of thoughts, feelings and mundane action is the most gratifying journey one can embark on. My days start with waking the babies, up, picking up poo, cleaning their beddies, sweeping, mopping, cleaning around the house and whatever other creative and mundane chore that keeps me out of my mental mind. I do my best to think only when I need to. Maha Khala has been a gift for my own mental health. For everything else Divine shows me the way and provides as needed without me chasing more, and more and more…..

Go Within! The secrets lie there.

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