I have been an avid student of life since my early years, rebelling from the conforms of conditioning. The past 18 years of  coaching, healing and guiding people towards their own clarity and understanding has been the light towards serving my own higher purpose. My life’s mission has been in understanding karma and her intricate workings. My Blog, A Bitch Called Karma is not for the light hearted but shares my experiences of the past 46 years that is constantly contributing to strengthen my journey of awakening to the soul, this real self.

I hope I can offer you some clarity and guidance in giving you a little nudge towards overcoming whatever obstacle you are currently faced with. For me understanding has always been the key factors that allowed me to release myself from the pain and suffering of a situation and even a person/s in my life. Due to my time constraints my sessions are unconventional and agreed to on booking confirmation. I hope to add some value to your life’s challenges. This journey through life can indeed be an emotionally draining one.

My Skill
Meditation and Spiritual Coaching
My Talent
Being able to 'see' the karmic lessons of myself and others
My Passion
Guiding Teenagers and Young Adults to see their true self
My Blessing
Having high prana is a past life blessing for healing and working with energy vibrationsl
My Teaching
The Perennial Truth is my bible that I share on my sessions and programs
My Joy
Working with Kids and Tweens in showing them their true self
My Purpose
In being a Mother of Tigers and having worked with children for over 18 years now, I am even more driven on Spiritual Parenting programs