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Due to their limited availability, bookings are made two weeks in advance and confirmed on payment confirmation. Booking times are limited so please read the details of the service when booking. We only take group bookings due to time constraints.For one on one services please have a look at the Wellness Online services. For events please book in advance to avoid disappointment as numbers are restricted due to the Covid precautionary measures taken to keep all participants safe. 


Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Break the chains of your Karmic Debts and Karmic Lessons through understanding and revitalise your physical world and overall health. Change what you attract and create the life you desire. This is a 120 minute 4 week program that focuses on your physical vitality ……..READ MORE


Know Your Ego

Empower your mind with the truth and take back power over stress, anxiety and depression through understanding this cosmic creation, your ego, it’s 12 personas and your soul’s place in it. This 12 week program focuses on your mental understanding of who you are and how to unveil your true self ……..READ MORE

Awaken Acceptance

The Alchemy of Prana

Find that unlimited source of love that is within you. Through the journey of awakening you learn how to accept yourself fully and embrace your magnificence, your true self. This is a 120 minute 4 week program on learning the secrets of prana and how to manage your energy levels and that of others and your environment……..READ MORE

Silence Retreat

Outside In

Our main program is the Maha Khala Meditation Retreat with Amar and Taara that takes place over 2 consecutive days. We offer retreats for Adults, Teens and Young Adults.  Join a scheduled event or book a customised group program……..READ MORE

Sunday Silence

Time of Rest

This is a weekly follow up knowledge and meditation program that is offered FREE to all participants who have completed any one of the above mentioned programs. This meditation session is 60 minutes from 9am to 10am every Sunday …….READ MORE