The Obstacle is the Path!

Self Rehabilitation offers healing from your causal level of being.

When we are faced with adversity, we can become blinded by the suffering that comes with it. We focus on the ‘problem’ and consume ourselves with every past experience that offered the same. Living in the past becomes our own pain and suffering and we get comfortable in this space. Know the saying “Misery loves company”? Yip, we go to the extent of socialising or bonding with others that have experienced the same or hold the same energy and we feed off that negativity. Needless to say, that eventually builds up as illness in the body….but that’s for another days chat.

So what if, by just watching your breath, you were able to become aware of your overall state of being? And what if, by becoming aware of your overall state of being, you were able to know how and where to apply Maha Khala, to come into the present moment, observe the adversity for what it actually is, allow yourself to connect to that present moment and access your truth of that moment to take the right action needed to overcome this obstacle? A mouth full, I know but what if, being the conductor of life’s emotional roller coaster was possible? Would you want to put the effort into this? Or does that sound like too much effort? 

Imagine if you could master the mental anguish and stress and, instead of fixating on the ‘the problem’, take that as an opportunity for personal transcendence and awakening. Imagine the role model you could be to your children and what this would mean for the stigma of mental illness.

Or are you that kinda person who feels like the drama of life is what actually gives you purpose and meaning? Self Reflect on this because this is deep and part of the process of Self Rehabilitation. If you are unhappy, right now, use this opportunity to go deeper. If you have some issue or person niggling at you right now, use this opportunity to go deeper and unpack that obstacle that keeps you stagnated from unleashing your true self.

See life presents us with opportunities in every moment. Life is on your side. Not for capitalism but rather for the awakening of your soul. Every situation that presents itself gives you an opportunity to either share love or find out what’s blocking that love through inner self reflection. And through these opportunities you slowly re-habilitate your conditioned beliefs and self heal on an unconscious causal level.

Life itself is the obstacle, and within this obstacle presents the opportunities for spiritual awakening.

I have had many people book programs to start their spiritual journey or ask me how do they start their spiritual journey! And I begin by asking them one question “Tell me your Life Story!” because within that story lies the clues of your karmic debts, your karmic lessons fulfilled and unfulfilled, your energy management strategies and the polarity of your level of beings. Obviously it gives us deeper insights into your archetypes as well, but spiritual growth is as easy as that….if you know what you are looking at….

If you can step back from the situation and look at things objectively from the present moment, you will be able to ‘see’ the higher causal meaning of what’s happening and why and then understand the lesson that needs to be learnt.

More often we are so caught up in the emotions of that situation that it is indeed difficult for us to be rational in any way or form. If you are in that state, this should last only for around 3 days maximum….any longer than that means you need to Self Observe, Self Reflect and Self Inquire!

It takes around three days for each level of being to reset depending on the intensity of the issue. It works much easier if you understand TPT and apply Maha Khala but generally that is what I have observed from my own journey of over 20 years now. Seven days for more intensive situation and 21 days for deep trauma and grief…more for understanding….time is the healer on certain aspects of life and this is on a case by case situation…..but this gives you an idea of what to look for when you are facing any obstacle in your life.

And then there’s the breath, to help channel that energy out of the body and not allow those toxins to get stored within the cells of the body. Even after the healing period one should practice pranayama to help release stored toxins. Any trauma we experience or any emotional experience stores the vibrations of that on a causal-unconscious level in the physical being hence when we do healing we always say drink lots of water so that these toxins can flush themselves out of your body rather than settle in again. 

So you can see, this spiritual journey is not one dimensional but using the opportunities that life throws your way in the form of obstacles can help propel your spiritual awakening by giving you the clues on what to work on now and this makes life much easier to understand.

Much Love & Light

Remember to Keep Smiling….within even if its difficult without.

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  1. JohanHerbst

    Look beyond the messenger to receive the message!!! Being in a state of Wonder makes everything wonderful!!

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The Obstacle is the Path!

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