The Great Work

When you plan a trip, you need to know not only where you are going but also where you will be leaving from. The same rules apply to the spiritual journey. In the previous section, we defined the lofty goal of the soul’s awakening from the mortal dream called life. The “what,” if you like. But before you commence your journey, you need to grasp more about your current state of being, which is your existential point of departure. During the next few chapters, we will explore this in more detail, giving additional context to the challenge you face if you want to awaken.

What is holding you in limbo? Stopping you from becoming more aware in life? Have you noticed how you keep repeating the same patterns over and over? Consider your daily routine. Do you become annoyed when something interferes with it? You open the fridge in the morning only to discover the milk has gone sour before its expiration date! Now you can’t have the usual coffee and cereal you normally have every morning. Or, you are irritated because you would like to sleep a little longer, but your alarm clock won’t stop its intermittent ringing. These events are there for you to awaken.

Habits and conditioning limit our ability to interface consciously with life. Patterns of behavior restrict our spontaneity. Each of our three beings has acquired habits and works according to established conditioning. We walk a certain way, think a certain way, and feel a certain way. We like to think that our characteristics or personality traits make us unique. To learn a new way could take weeks, maybe even months. And once learned, they can function quite mechanically, without awareness. Like when you learned to drive a car. In the beginning, you had to pay attention and use your intellect. But once you had mastered it, you could do so without even being aware of the activity. Have you ever arrived at work, but couldn’t recall the drive? The etheric level (center of movement) took care of driving for you in accordance with the way you had taught it. And hence you were asleep all the way to work.

So, you can teach your beings new habits, and even these new ways will become mechanical. When you do things in a habitual fashion, your awareness takes a back seat. If you go along with this mechanistic way of interacting with life, your fate is in the hands of the habits and conditioning of your beings.

Have you had a look at the Know Thy Ego Assessment Profiles? This might be a start in understanding the dynamic of your own individual archetypes and their role in your life.

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  1. Jherbs

    Got myself a hard copy of the perennial truth.. Wish I could come “Home”