The Festival of Lights

So Amar, my boy, is Rama spelt backwards and on this auspicious day I will share this with you. Some years back Tjaart and I were trying to have a baby…yeah my maternal juices got fired up and we were going through the process of IVF due to my endometriosis (stories to come about this). Needless to say we didn’t fall pregnant but a spiritual birth happened because that was an exceptionally emotional period for me and in that space Tjaart connected to this Spirit energy which told us that he was our son and that his name was Amar and for a few weeks throughout the IVF process we would have conversations with this spirit guide and when we found the results were negative the conversations disappeared. So two years ago, yip two years already, when this little tiger arrived…literal tiger 🐯😬….the cutest guy ever….my heart fell in unconditional love and in the first week already of becoming a mother, Amar revealed to me who he really was! My heart sank, I was in tears as I sang his beddie bye song and stayed in the present moment with him. And I’m literally on the floor sleeping with my two babies this very moment β€˜Rama and Sita’…Amar and Taara….(making sure they are ok with all the fireworks) and I’m filled with so much gratitude for this difficult life Divine has chosen for me to walk through just to be here right now with these two higher sentient beings. (I’m working on a VLog called Mother of Tigers and will share them with the world soon) but to my point, being a mother is the greatest gift from Shakti that we’ve unfortunately taken for granted. So on this auspicious day I give thanks to Rama and Sita, Amar and Taara. The sounds of the fireworks remind me that the noise of my thoughts stop me from being in the present moment and prevents my awakening. The lights of the lamps remind me that Divine is always with me guiding me and showing me the path, my path even though I may not like it sometimes. The sweets and delicious food remind me of the nourishment, the Prana that Divine surrounds me with and that food is need for the physical being, understanding is needed for my mental being and Prana for my emotional being in order for me to awaken from this dream called life and finally the new clothing and oiled bath remind me that every moment is a new opportunity to awaken to my true self, to reunite with the whole, to be cleansed and free from the chains of the past…..the past nor the future is needed and so I wash away these illusive concepts of time and put on the clothes of the present moment, for me this represents the Maha Khala and I am present, in this moment and every moment after. I don’t do these rituals but this post has taken me back to when I was around 12 and kept asking question of why do we do this and that and I was never satisfied with the answers. My self discovery leads me here to this moment and to these reflections of this auspicious day and what it truly means to me….they way home….to my true self….and for that realisation I’m blessed. πŸ’œπŸ™

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