Respecting our Youth and Honoring their place in the world for our own awakening.



School of Samaya focuses on Mental Understanding as it’s centre of skills empowerment. Through our courses we aim to equip our young adults with the understanding of who they are and why they attract certain situations and/or people in their lives.  In addition giving them an in-depth understanding of their 12 Archetypes and that of others thereby empowering them to understand situations much deeper and reduce their mental anguish and emotional self sabotage.



By equipping young adults with the tools and techniques to manage their mental health and emotional wellbeing, we inspire them to share their own stories to their peers thereby becoming Influencers of Mental Health to other young adults. Being a role model of emotional change in their own community amongst their friends and family members has a ripple affect of spreading joy to others. This ultimately leads to evoking compassion in their community creating much needed togetherness.



School of Samaya offers various in-depth alternative healing and meditation programs and as such we open our accredited teachers training courses to our youth FREE, equipping them with the skills, tools and resources to start their own practices of alternative healing to their community under the School of Samaya franchise at no extra costs. This model ensures that they maintain their own sense of self worth and self love whilst inspiring and motivating others to do the same.


If you are a YOUNG ADULT aged between 16 to 25 years and would like to sign up to our online sponsorship program then contact us for further details on the Mental Health Influencer Initiative and onboarding requirements and processes. 

If you are an INDIVIDUAL or COMPANY who would like to sponsor or donate towards the cause, we say thank you in advance. Read More on our Maha Khala project plan or donate now by sponsoring an enrolment plan for a young adult or group of teenagers.

If you would like to sign up as a volunteer and become a Community Influencer of Mental Health, contact us on how you can get involved and make a difference towards serving the greater good.

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