Each of our Outreach programs have their wish lists and needs. Your help is most appreciated to support and be part of our Global Initiative. 100% of the proceeds from our programs go towards our various mental health projects targeted at supporting our Youth in Rehabilitation Clinics, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Care Centres and Educational Centres. 

Give a Gift of Purpose and support a young adult  through their own journey towards finding their True Self. Learn More about our Maha Khala Initiative. For group sponsorships and larger donations please contact us. Give a Gift of Purpose and support Amar and Taara’s wellbeing at the Samaya Tantra Sanctuary. Gift a Gift of Purpose and planet a tree on your birthday or donate a tree to your community center or school.

A little goes a long way

Give a Gift of Purpose and donate to School of Samaya’s outreach programs. 

Much Gratitude to our current sponsors

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