A Silence Retreat

Embark on an OUTSIDE IN journey of inner silence at School of Samaya’s Tiger & Meditation Sanctuary
and open up the doors to your void of consciousness with the Maha Khala Meditation retreat.





Maha Khala

Maha means highest and Khala, means timeless or beyond time. The tiger is the most revered predator on land. Next to the killer whale the Tiger is the second apex predator on the planet. So what’s makes them so special. The tiger can be seen in many of the mystic stories representing the present moment. One has to have courage, strength and patience to fight the desires of the ego in pursuing the journey of awakening. In addition, the playfulness, joy and unconditional gratitude towards its maker shows in the force of the tiger. This same unwavering force lead Karen and Tjaart to save and adopt Amar and Taara. Meditating with them for the past two years now has revealed the above mentioned powers which was just myths before Karen and Tjaart truly experienced the magnificence of these sentient beings. This special retreat is one of the programs that Karen and Tjaart have at their sanctuary to share Amar and Taara with those sincere seekers.

About the Retreat


The retreat starts off with understanding the top level structure of this cosmic creation as detailed in The Perennial Truth book. By understanding this creation we can understand who we are as a sentient beings and what our role and purpose is, in Divine’s Consciousness.


With understanding, experience is needed to transmute the knowledge into your own truth. On this two day retreat you will learn 4 different Pranayama techniques and the Six Stage Maha Khala Meditation process that will not only bring you into the present moment at will, but will allow you to connect with your own void of consciousness in opening up the doors of experiencing the knowledge as your own truth.


The third phase of this retreat is in applying the understanding and learnings in practical processes of inner reflection. During the two days retreat, time is allocated for self observation and self reflection processes that include journaling and creative art. By being in nature and in the space of Natures prime predator, you will connect to your spirit guides who will open the doors for you to experience and ‘see’ your own reality of consciousness. 


Through the journey of these two days, connecting to your true self beyond the physical, mental and emotional realms into the darkness of the voice of your consciousness and experiencing all that you actually are beyond this ego entity by name and form. The retreat closes each day with an energy vibration process that includes  crystal healing and chakra clearing and cleansing.


Yes totally safe. Amar and Taara are in their own enclosure and you will be outside of it. There are some rules to follow like not touching the enclosure etc and you will be directed accordingly on orientation. You will be completely safe.

This two day retreat is not connected to any religion and it open to all. The practices and processes are science based working with your own consciousness and senses. Knowledge is shared but you have the opportunity to seed it as your own truth through the processes of this retreat.

This is a two day silence retreat that starts on a Saturday morning at 9am and finishes at 4pm with home practices and Sunday starts at 6am and finishes at 4pm. Arrivals are 30min prior to start times. Gates close 10min prior to session start times and entrance thereafter will not be allowed.

This is an adult program for 25+

See more on the events page for our Kids & Tweens Retreat and the Teens and Young Adults Retreat programs

No experience is needed. In fact the more empty your cup the more you can recieve.

Sunscreen, a Hat, a towel if needed and extra bottles of water. Brunch and afternoon snacks will be provided for. All course material will be provided including a pen and journal. No cell phones or digital devices of any kind or bags are allowed beyond the parking bays of the sanctuary..

The donation fee is in South Africa Rands R2500 per person attending as this event is currently only available at our center in Carlswald in South Africa. 100% of the fees go towards our SOS Tiger Fund.

Yes, we offer group programs for up to 6-12 persons. The followings are category programs that we cater for :

Samaya Kids retreats (ages 7 to 12 years)
Samaya Teens retreat (ages 13 to 16 years)
Young Adults retreat ( ages 17 to 22 years)
Spiritual Parenting (Parents, Parents to be)
Couples retreats
Rehab and Addiction programs
Classroom Retreats 
University programs
Mental Health Programs
Corporate Retreats

Although the context of the program is the same, how we present the knowledge differs by age group and category. For example, our Kids & Tweens experience a lot more creative art activities and our Teens and Young Adults a lot more role playing etc. But the fundamentals of the silence retreat connects with the 4 key objectives:
1. Understanding who we are
2. Understanding what we are
3. Understanding how to manage our emotions
4. Understanding how to connect to be in the present moment

Should you wish to make a group booking see more details here.

We do have schedule events. Please see our events page for more details.


Karen and Tjaart have combined over 40 years of experience between them. Tjaart finally received the Maha Khala blessing after decades of work in researching and understanding how to integrate spirituality into ones daily life rather than keep it separate. Being in the present moment is the door and the Maha Khala techniques provides the key to unlock this door. The present moment holds the cosmic intelligence of everything that has ever happened, everything that will happen and everything that is happening. When you can connect to the present moment, you connect to this consciousness and become one with the whole. Karen, a Reiki Master of over 15 years now, has been studying the art of alchemy through understanding our behaviour patterns and their karmic influences. Together Karen and Tjaart hope to open up the energy fields and hold the space for you to discover your own truth of consciousness and your place in it.

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