The Great Work | Self Observation

Self-inquiry is an ancient technique that dates back at least to the Upanishads.

The word inquiry leads many people to think wrongly, that the technique has more to do with asking questions than with focusing attention. Since the technique does involve questions, the misunderstanding is natural. Self Observation is a more universal way of explaining the concepts of Self Inquiry.

One of these questions, “Who Am I?”, is meant to suggest that self-inquiry reveals the answer to this question, not that a seeker should ask the question over and over.

Self-inquiry also involves a second question, “To whom does this thought arise?” 

According to Sankara, “awareness of one’s own Atman [i.e., the Self] is established at the time of the cessation of the ‘I’-notion.” This awareness and cessation are exactly what self-inquiry is designed to accomplish.

The Perennial Truth talks about this very aspect of Self Inquiry and the understanding of the Ego and it’s 12 archetypes. TPT refers to this Self Inquiry as Self Observation and as The Great Work which focuses on not engaging the intellectual mind with questions but rather inner observations, without judgement, on the behaviours of your archetypes in how they think, speak, feel and take action in the world.

What School of Samaya offers

The key questions that TPT answers is :

1. Who am I?  A journey towards Self Acceptance 

2. Where am I? A journey towards Self Awareness

3. What am I? A journey towards Self Awakening

The teachings at School of Samaya goes beyond the duality of existence, however to achieve this state one has to move through all levels of being within each archetype. So The Great Work needs some dedication and commitment to its practice.

SOS refers to this male source as Shiva and the female source as Shakti and consciousness as the Divine entity of the manifested cosmic creation. When you can master your own self, no outside influence can affect your state of being or take away your happiness. Self Acceptance and Self Awareness allows you to see everything exactly as it is including the actions of others. You start understanding people a lot deeper and hence connecting to people on a different level of being. Both your inside world and that reflected on the outside changes and aligns to serve your deepest desires guiding you towards your highest purpose.

Life becomes easier and things happen with ease as you align to the will of consciousness. 

By understanding your ego-self and the operations of your individual archetypes, the road map towards liberation becomes clearer and Self Observation becomes more understandable which fosters self realisation. So every aspect  of this journey works in an integrated web towards your awakening. The Perennial Truth offers that entire web view and how to navigate through this web to the essence of who you are.

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