The Blessings of Nature


School of Samaya’s teaching is based on the ancient knowledge of Tantra (5000 BC), and is not associated with the Buddhist interpretation of Tantra but rather further back to the Vedic Ages. The practices taught by School of Samaya (SOS) focus on internal experiences rather than external rituals. The knowledge taught by SOS, called The Perennial Truth, deals with the role and awakening of individual consciousness within creation, ultimately leading to a state of oneness with the collective consciousness, which is beyond creation.
According to Samaya Tantra, your entire life experience takes place within your own consciousness. Much like a dream, with your ego at the centre of the dream, everything in life is experienced within, and nothing you experience is outside of your own consciousness. Your world perception is simply a controlled hallucination of your mind, based on the electrical impulses the brain receives from the senses.
In order to experience something that is truly from beyond the limits of your senses and your mind, your consciousness first has to become completely unattached to what it is perceiving. It has to become hollow and empty. Only then can something from the collective consciousness enter your consciousness directly, rather than by proxy, through the senses. The cup of consciousness therefor has to be truly empty of attachment to your world perception for something divine to enter.
Samaya Tantra has “oneness” at the root of its teachings. It reveals how to awaken consciousness at the physical, mental, emotional and ultimately the purely spiritual level. This is known as the “breaking of the seals” to achieve liberation from the trance called life.
Our main meditation technique, called Maha Khala, uses the sense experiences of the mind to enter the surface of the present moment. And from the present moment it helps you to go deeper and connect to your consciousness that contains your perception of the present moment. 
SOS offers ancient wisdom in the form of modern day techniques and knowledge that can be applied in your daily life. In this manner spiritual practice can be integrated with daily activities rather than being apart from it. This approach results in a natural union between living and being.
Holistically, the school’s aim is to help mankind evolve and awaken to a new level of consciousness, enabling the mental evolution of Homo Sapiens into Homo Perennis – a kind of human that is integrated with the natural world, rather than existing apart from it.


TLB Kruger has been teaching meditation for over 2 decades and has taught 1000’s of seekers. In 2017 he published The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul which documents his journey as well as giving the reader a contextual understanding of who we are as a kind, why we are here experiencing life and how to realise our true self and true potential. Get to know TLB by reading up on Part 1 of The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul as he shares his memoir as a Spiritual Adept.

This retreat is facilitated by Spiritual Science Adept and Author TLB Kruger and supported by retreat  Karen Kruger, Keshan Naidoo.


As described in The Perennial Truth Book TLB Kruger shares with you his own spiritual journey that took him to the foothills of the Himalayas with masters like Swami Rama, Osho and Sai Baba. Samaya Tantra’s Wellness center has tried to capture that essence of Rishikesh and with our two Tigers, Amar and Taara and the natural settings of the wild life at the center.  The sanctuary holds a sacredness that allows God to be heard. Our Meditation retreats are structured programs allowing you to experience the silence within and feel the oneness with the whole. Read TLB’s magical journey as described in Part 1 of the book.

Our retreats are not scheduled programs but rather booked by demand. Choose a retreat program of choice as listed below and gather 6 to 12 persons to join you. Retreats are customised accordingly. All retreats are over 2 days, however shorter of longer programs can also be organised.

What makes our retreats special? Besides the sacred knowledge and wisdom that you will receive, or the blessings of nature, or even the healing and release of our programs…. initiation and meditation with our Siberian and Bengal Tigers, Amar and Taara will make your retreat experience magical.



This retreat program takes you on a journey of stepping beyond the limitations of your 12 personas and into the domain of your souls voice. The more silent you can become ie. by stopping your thoughts and being in the present moment, the more connected you can be to the whole of consciousness to experience your true self. Each retreat has it’s focus on knowledge, meditation and self reflection and depending on your choice of retreat the focus can vary. 

School of Samaya has a structured program that offers you knowledge, pranayama, meditation, homa, yoga and plentiful of self observation processes to remain in silence and allow the doors to your soul to open up. A detailed program will be shared to registered participants based on the retreat of choice.

Recommendations for booking the retreat : it is advisable to have read The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul by TLB Kruger to understand the fundamentals of the Silence Retreat as this is an advanced program that will focus on deeper wisdom to guide you towards breaking the seals of the ego. Any blockages of understanding may hinder your experiences as the rational mind will try to grasp understanding rather than being in the present moment. Second recommendation is that you should have gone through the Maha Khala Meditation program to prepare your mind with the tools for the Himalayan Kriya that TLB will incorporate into your practice on this retreat. Additional breathwork processes will be included to deepen your experiences of the Maha Khala practice, however if you have not mastered the basics you will remain in a mind full of thoughts rather than allow the doors of silence to guide you towards your true self. 

Depending on your retreat of choice, the program and knowledge can be customised to the theme of your retreat eg. Know thy Ego from a Spiritual Parenting perspective or from a Tantric Relationship point of view or even from a Corporate Wellness angle.


By Demand! By Group Booking! 

General Retreat Package Includes :
All Meals & Water
Program Course Fee
All Course Materials

Total Package Cost :
$199 per person for a 2 Day program. 

Retreats that are customised may vary in price based on the need of the retreat.


There is a minimum of 6 persons and maximum limit of 12 persons that we accommodate on each retreat booking. The retreat is by group booking, 3 months in advance, so enquire now on your need. Booking confirmation is by payment of a 50% non refundable deposit to secure your retreat program and dates. The balance of the 50% must be paid 2 weeks prior to the retreat start date. Transport costs and Accommodation are not included. Paypal, Credit Card Payments or EFT Acceptable.

On enquiry, your personalised group retreat package will be detailed and confirmed via email.

Bookings are open from June 2021.


Focus of retreat is on learning and understanding your 12 archetypes 


Focus of this retreat is on the Maha Khala and Meditation programs


Focus of this retreat is on energy vibrational healing and self reflection processes

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After all life is just a reflection for our awakening and integrating spirituality into our daily lives should become the norm for mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Calm – Serene – Tranquil – Spiritual are just some words which come to mind for the retreat situated in the valley of Carlswald surrounded by natural wildlife and sharing the space with the two highest Sentient Beings in the natural world, a Bengal Tiger named Taara and a Siberian white Tiger named Amar. This space gives you a perfect opportunity to be in Silence with Nature and offers the perfect distraction free space for you to connect with consciousness directly and hear your soul speak. 

Customised programs can allow you to connect to your true self through knowledge and meditation processes. The retreat hence is a customised programs  of each group. 

Not sure, contact us and we can give you a call to chat further.