Know Thy Soul

Self Observation

Shadow Work

Karmic Cleansing

Energy Management

The Great Work, is the work that one needs to do on one’s self to transcend the trance of life. In this course you embark on a journey in understanding your physically blockages, mental conditionings and emotional cages that have sabotaged you from living your higher purpose. In this program you not only integrate your archetypes but through union of your levels of being and much self reflection and self observation you awaken that inner voice to come into the forefront of your consciousness rather than being smothered by the limitations of your ego.

This is a customised 12 week coaching program and 12 month personal guidance support done with Karen Kruger. This program has its foundation on the Maha Khala program surrounded by varies processes that are structured around your personal archetype charts and life destiny charts.

This personal coaching program includes the Basic Membership plan which affords you full access to our online academy for 12 months.

The reason for a coaching program is due to each person on a different place on the journey towards awakening as much as we are all moving towards the same goal. Sessions dates and times are confirmed on booking.  Contact us if your have any questions.