Classroom Calm

Know Your Students

Awaken Potential

Transform Understanding

Changing the world of tomorrow, through our children of today! Our Classroom programs empower educators and caregivers with mindfulness and meditation tools and techniques that can be applied in the classroom as well as equipping children with the life skills they need for their mental and emotional wellbeing. Our range of courses  suits ages 3+

After completion of each course, complete the required assignment and send this to us with your portfolio of evidence for assessment for your certificate as a Master Awareness Practitioner (MAP) affording you the opportunity to start SOS programs in your community.

The Breath is the link between the mind and the body. In order to influence calm in the classroom, we use various breathing techniques to guide the student in bringing balance to his  levels of being.

Students have an abundant force of energy that needs to be dispelled and by doing simple yoga postures and meditation practices this energy can be directed in the right channels for positive transformation.

In each one of us we have 12 Archetypes. By analysis of your students archetype charts you will not only know their strengths but gain a better understanding of their weaknesses as well empowering your teaching style.

We totally understand the pressures of an educator and in this program we offer you various mindfulness activities that you can apply in the classroom. This empowers you to create your own programs.

Who would we be if we did not offer a TPT programs for kids. In this course you learn various activities to make your students understand their body, their mind and their emotions and guide them towards self worth, self acceptance and self love.

Preparing our young adults for the life after school is when the true teaching starts. Understanding our life paths and our talents helps us choose the direction in life with greater awareness. This programs helps with understanding our purpose.

The first three stages of Maha Khala can be applied in the classroom to reset and rebalance the energies of your students. As you master the Maha Khala process, you will be able to naturally guide your students  through the steps.  You are able to play these modules in the classroom.

School of Samaya has a range of natural herbal tinctures and products that benefits the physical and mental health. We offer you recipes that you can use for yourself and for your students in addition to crystal and energy work for healing and calm.


“The Mindful Coaching for Kids was far more than I expected it to be; it became an introspective and enlightening journey lead by a team of knowledgeable, wise and passionate people. This course takes you through all possible facets of working with children and teaches you so much about yourself in the process. I can’t wait to do my next course and workshop with School of Samaya and start taking their insight and fervour for helping people into the world!”
Laura Brewer