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When one immerses oneself towards their higher purpose and aligns to Divine’s guidance, blessings flow into the physical world and this ripple effect allows one to be free from pain and suffering of the mind and to attract abundance directly from Grace.

According to Samaya Tantra, your entire life experience takes place within your own consciousness. Much like a dream, with your ego at the centre of the dream, everything in life is experienced within, and nothing you experience is outside of your own consciousness. Your world perception is simply a controlled hallucination of your mind, based on the electrical impulses the brain receives from the senses.

In order to experience something that is truly from beyond the limits of your senses and your mind, your consciousness first has to become completely unattached to what it is perceiving. It has to become hollow and empty. Only then can something from the collective consciousness enter your consciousness directly, rather than by proxy, through the senses. The cup of consciousness therefor has to be truly empty of attachment to your world perception for something divine to enter.

Samaya Tantra has “oneness” at the root of its teachings. It reveals how to awaken consciousness at the physical, mental, emotional and ultimately the purely spiritual level. This is known as the “breaking of the seals” to achieve liberation from the trance called life.

Holistically, the school’s aim is to help mankind evolve and awaken to a new level of consciousness, enabling the mental evolution of Homo Sapiens into Homo Perennis – a kind of human that is integrated with the natural world, rather than existing apart from it.

Tjaart and Karen Kruger have been teaching meditation for over 2 decades. In 2017 he published The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul which offers a contextual understanding of who we are as a kind, why we are here experiencing life and how to realise our true self and true potential. Karen a Spirit Coach and Reiki Master for over 19 years, supports the seekers individual quest through intuitive guidance and understanding on overcoming their Karmic debt and Karmic lessons. Karen and Tjaart have dedicated their higher purpose in serving the awakening of humanity through their own practices of Samaya Tantra and their vision is to share and inspire you towards living your highest potential.

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I was introduced to the School of Samaya by a family member. My journey has been a long one filled with mixes of ups and downs. Karen has always played a supporting role with her willingness to guide and help me and others experience our spiritual journey. Over the past few months of attending the inner child sunday sessions I have become more aware of myself and have learnt to bring myself to the present moment. A huge thank you to Karen for her patience, faith and constant guidance throughout my journey.

Shavani Chengulroyen


My Sundays are so much more enlightened and meaningful.  Divine has truly set me on this path and I am so looking forward to the journey. 

Jaynashree Ellary


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Karen for accommodating my family and taking us through an absolutly amazing journey with the healing. It was something that I really wanted to do, for the healing to begin with regard to things we speak about and things we do not speak about. Karen was so accurate on the things she shared with us, the manner in which the session was facilitated, the guidance and inspiration received that morning has stayed with us! I love that Karen made everyone feel comfortable and safe. Thank you so much for starting this healing journey for us, to introducing us to a beautiful way of being. I have trusted Karen with my daughters and my family. Thank you so much! Thanks again Karen, I really don't have enough words to say how much that session has meant to me, to all of us 🙂


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