Magic Me Adventures

Samaya Kids!

Samaya Kids offers Magic Me Mindfulness Therapy for children aged 6 to 12 years. Children already have a strong connection to nature. All we do is remind them where to find their powers of Magic!

Purposeful Parenting

Personality Profiles

We offer in-death customised personality profiles, mapping each member of the family and their characteristics to the family whole. This detailed assessment includes a package of 4 personality profiles and a 2 hour coaching session either onsite or via Zoom meet. Additional profiles can be added to the package.

We Solve Real Problems through Understanding

what can we do for your Child?

Promote Self Love

Book for a Reiki Energy Healing program to help foster healing of your child's unconscious and the past life impressions that they carry into this lifetime.

Support Tantrums

Our creative coaching techniques helps the child reveal his emotional issues and helps the parent understand the child's mental and physical behaviours over 6 sessions.

Help Physical Vitality

The Inside Out Retreat empowers tweens with yoga for physical vitality, breathwork for their mental health and meditation for their emotional wellbeing.

Encourage Mindfulness

Our Magic Me DigiCamp programs offers an array of mindfulness lessons for your child to work through creatively.

Understand Behaviours

Know Thy Child! This session offers you an in-depth look into who your child actually is beyond the filters of your own conditioning.

Foster Restfulness

This coaching session focuses on positive affirmations, breathwork and meditation processes over 4 sessions.

the secrets of Purposeful Parenting

Balance promotes a happy child

Book a 6 session program of discovering the 4 secrets of spiritual parenting or join our next Purposeful Parenting Masterclass.

we love them

what our clients have to say

Engage your child through our Self Awareness Digital Camp for Tweens

Everything they need to empower them to Self Love and Self Acceptance

The Sky's The Limit

We offer fun filled programs for kids to enjoy with friends and family

Mindfulness | Meditation | Breathwork 

Where to start?

Get an eBook for your child or sign up to the Magic Me DigiCamp Membership and access all content and more.

Lets Play Yoga eBook

$ 2
  • Buy the 64 page graphic Lets Play yoga eBook to get your child started.


$ 99
  • Sign up for the School of Samaya annual membership plan and get all the Lets Play and more for your family to engage and fun fun with.

The Prince of Gold eBook

$ 2
  • Buy the graphic colour storybook and get your child started.

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