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As a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and suffering from severe asthma, and deafness, Tjaart Kruger battled to fit in socially with other kids when he was young. Needless to say he hardly had any friends and this led him towards an introverted behaviour of striving to be the best at everything so that maybe people would accept him and want to be his friend. But this did not work, instead creating more inner tension resulting in a deep desire to understand social interaction during early adulthood. When western psychology did not provide him with the answers he was searching for, the east directed him towards a higher understanding of his true self gifting him with the Maha Khala Meditation technique which allows one to be present at any given time. 

Spiritual Science Master

“Understanding fosters Acceptance. My hope is to offer humanity  an understanding of who they are. From my own childhood struggles and social challenges throughout my adulthood,  I finally discovered the beauty of life and the source of my happiness. This self realisation has brought a sense of freedom and joy that one cannot explain unless it is experienced for yourself.” TLB Kruger

I met Tjaart Kruger 18 years ago, as we trained together to become Art of Living teachers. We were a handful of young people searching to experience Divinity. Budding in my own spirituality, I became very aware that this young dashing Afrikaner boy, driving a two door car, with all the girls oogling at him; knew so much about life, was layered with ancient wisdom from the spiritual masters, & clearly secrets of the universe were already revealled to him. For lack of a better expression, he was way ahead of the pack, and his thirst to know himself & Divinty was always something very palpable in our conversations. His interpretation of the ancient word is most refreshing & his courage to live his Truth, stands testament to who he really is. At the outset of his journey with writing, we had a most wonderful conversation about how to encapsulate all the beauty & wonder of Divinty that was flowing through him....I look forward to being part of Tjaart's continued journey.

Vani Pavadi | International Association for Human Values



The Maha Khala 5 x5 Challenge is adapted for the parent or parent to be in firstly understanding your higher purpose as a caregiver. What does this mean? Why has this should chosen you as their caregiver? How can you fully be present during this process? How can you be the best for your child in a world full of expectations? What is the life purpose of your child? How can you parent with awareness? How do you manage your energy and juggle life’s chores? This program covers understanding our mental stress and emotional traumas that come with having to become a parent. We give you a context of understanding, teach you practical techniques to help you and offer a support structure to maintain your energy levels.


During this 12 week Purposeful Parenting Retreat you will discover who your child is, what your child requires of you and how you can best serve your child. We deep dive into understanding the archetypes of your child and each immediate member of your family and guide you on how to apply Maha Khala techniques for Purposeful Parenting. Below are some of the practical aspects of what to expect (but not limited to)


As an initiated student of the Himalayan Kriya by founder of the Yoga Institute in India, Tjaart and Karen offer profound breathwork techniques for your wellbeing during and after birth.


With over 20 years of teachings, Tjaart and Karen offer understanding of thought addiction and how to overcome the vacillations of the mind by becoming more present.


Tjaart's exclusive Maha Khala Six Stage Meditation technique allows the participant to become master of their thoughts, feelings and actions thereby allowing the best version of themselves to emerge.

Personality Profiles

Through his unique way of looking at the unconscious and conscious perspectives of the individual Tjaart offers invaluable understanding in employee placements and career development in the workplace.

energy Management Stategies

One of Tjaart's expertise lies in energy management and energy transactions that allows individuals to be positive, creative and flourish in both their personal and professional lives.

Want Something Personal?

Karen Kruger is a Reiki Master and Vibrational Healer of over 20 years. Divine has blessed her in otherworldly ways of experiencing what it means to be Mother Shakti. She offers a unique experience of  Conversations with your UnBorn  that is authentic and  devotional. This is a one on one 2 hour session.

naming your child

When Karen adopted her first child she knew exactly what his name would be because he revealed himself long before he came to her. Discover what your child’s name is from the higher realms.

Spiritual connection

Learn how to connect to your UnBorn through spiritual practices and guided meditation processes. Discover the art of cleansing your energy centers for deeper soul to soul connection.


Children have been brought to us to re-experience Divine. We have forgotten about our True Self and forgotten about God in the process. Children remind us of why we are here. Discover what your purpose is. 


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