The Journey to Awakening Consciousness

THE JOURNEY | Go Deeper into the ancient Maha Khala Dynamic Meditation with TLB kruger and master the art of meditation anywhere and anytime with anyone

THE KNOWLEDGE  | Become a Perennialist by embodying the teachings of The Perennial Truth and allow your own truth of existence to unveil itself. 

THE PRACTICE | Master The Tao of TPT and learn how to deepen your understanding in the roles we play in life as well as help and guide others on their journey. 

What we offer?


Our Maha Khala Meditation through the Senses mobile app is a step by step journey of self mastery. This 6 Stage program sets the foundation for the meditation programs offered in the rest of our suite. Our meditation suite offers guided programs to enhance your meditative practice. As an added benefit, explore the exclusive Advanced Dynamic Maha Khala meditation techniques which allows you to become a Tantric practitioner in life. Listen to the podcast by TLB Kruger on what the benefits of Maha Khala can be to your life.

Get the Maha Khala App available on the iOS App Store or for android on the Google Play store or access the app for free when you sign up as a member on our platform.

Breathwork has many benefits for the physical, mental and emotional levels of being. You have unlimited access to various breath work and pranayama techniques for all levels of being.

Access a wide range of sound meditations and guided meditations to compliment your Maha Khala practice. Sound can help you clear energetic blockages and thus facilitate healing.

The power of a mantra is by the grace of a Kriyaban who has been initiated by the enlightened masters. You have a choice of the 24 Sacred Mantras to choose from at no extra cost.


Our Master’s Suite offers an extensive array of courses for awakening potential, intelligence, acceptance, awareness and compassion. The Master’s Suite includes programs for adults and has a wide range for kids through to young adults at no extra costs. Explore a wide range of practical courses, talks, podcasts and much more supporting the journey of awakening for you and your entire family. Watch the video on the trance of life. 

Our foundation of knowledge seats itself in The Perennial Truth. Embark on an intimate journey of self understanding and self discovery. Over 50 courses with supporting videos and podcasts and guided programs. Become master of your life.

Our Let’s Play Yoga and Awareness programs is sure to engage your child on their own journey of self acceptance and self love. Our guided meditations and online courses will keep them engaged while they learn more about themselves.

In this digital age of mental chaos, we offer your teen and young adult a safe space to question who they are and explore the answers through guided programs of self discovery and self worth. Unlimited access, customised programs and online coaching.


In these unprecedented times if we have learned anything it would be that death is a sure thing and very unpredictable and that the way we live our lives has to change for the greater good.  A seed transforms its environment!  This seed is self understanding! The more we understand who we are and the effect we have on society, the more we can be that seed to transform our family, friends, community and country towards oneness, unity and love. Watch the discourse on the resurrection of consciousness and why this is so important for the evolution of humanity. 

Our children are the future of tomorrow. With an increased need for spiritual parenting tools we offer context of your role as a householder, mother, father and its importance towards Satya Yuga, the Golden Age.

This pandemic teaches us a lot about why we became caregivers and on our classroom programs we offer insights and self mastery programs that can be applied in the classroom for the educator as well as the students.

Employees and Managers are just people and our workplace programs aids in reducing stress and anxiety levels, creating focus and purpose and helping employees and managers find the joy again in what they do. 

As as school of Samaya Tantra, our focuses not on sex but rather on the sacred intimacy between soul mates to master the art of higher union and unconditional love. Of-course the topic of sex is discussed.