Transpersonal Coaching for Young Empaths

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This is a comprehensive coaching program to help young empaths through depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, sexual identity and other mental illness. We work on all levels of being with practical tools that is applied for understanding, healing, release and forgiveness. Breathwork and Meditation lays the platform for self reflection, self observation and self rehabitation.

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Treatment Specialties

Change is only possible from within and School of Samaya's programs offer you the tools to help propel your journey.our Young Empaths coaching sessions offers self understanding, self reflection, self healing and self empowerment so that each individual can become master of their thoughts and emotions and be able to deal with anything that life throws their way.

Anxiety Disorder

The root of anxiety is fear. Fear of the unknown, of the future, of one's abilities. Anxiety disorder from a spiritual context and transpersonal view looks deeper into each of your levels of being and addresses what is suppressed in your unconscious being through alternative therapies and treatments.


The root cause of depression is lack of purpose. More often than not this is due to not following your passion in the work you do or suppressing your own desires for someone else. This lethargy for life creates a void that can only be filled with purpose. We tackle depression through shifting your pranic levels and creating context of understanding of the source of your depression and how to step beyond this mental anguish.


When we 'fall in love' we surrender our archetypes to accommodate the other. As time passes, familiarity sets in and this turns into blame and regret. However the key source of the issues lies with the fact that firstly we are not fully transparent in the relationship from the onset and secondly we have not completely accepted the other. We want them to change according to what our unconscious surfaces as the ideal partner. This non-acceptance becomes the root cause of troubled relationships.

Substance Abuse

Giving up on life, is due to the lack of strong mentors in our life and/or not having the support or ability to live our higher purpose. More often than not, substance abuse results from the world telling us not to be who we really are and and such this becomes a destructive behaviour to our own very being. Maha Khala resets each level of being through ancient breathwork and meditation processes.

Young Empath Mothers

Being a young empath is tough enough with the conditioning, labelling and judgement that society throws our way. And being a Young Empath mother is even more challenging because now you have to deal with the hormonal imbalances of pregnancy (pre and post) as well as try and deal with the mental stress that comes with. Karen offers a safe space for healing and understanding for Young Empath Mothers and Mothers-to-Be.

Grief & Loss

Pain holds the key for our own growth. Through Reiki and Vibrational Healing treatments we not only help you connect to the grief and pain but also direct the release of the negative energy into the light of consciousness so that you may be able to convert that pain to love and light and break free from the fears that are attached to the grief and loss.

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    Mind blowing Session! Thank you Karen it was amazing being back !! Energy amazing can’t wait for the next session!! Stay wonderful

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