Spiritual Parenting


About the course :
Through the understanding of our 7 realms of existence we connect these to the 7 main energy centres and go on a journey of healing, releasing and rejuvenating our panic centres to awaken to consciousness. This is a 7 week program. Each session is supported with the online text modules, questions and answers, supporting videos and podcasts, voice notes and WhatsApp conversations as we go deeper. This is a 7 week module. Assessments are on the study conversations and your ability to grasp, understand and practice the knowledge.

About the Sessions:
Sessions are once a week over 7 weeks. Each session is two hours and runs from 8am to 10am (GMT+2). You have lifetime WhatsApp support during and after completion of this course.

This course holds 3 credit points for completion. Credits are used towards your Teacher Training Coaching program should you wish to join SOS at a later time.

Upon completion of the entire course you will be awarded a certificate of self education course completion. You will be able to apply to become a Perennialist Spiritual Coach should you wish.
School of Samaya is an Internationally Accredited Organisation.

Please be sure to comment if you wish to choose the face to face option or the online option. Dates will be mutually agreed based on availability. Booking should be done 2 to 4 weeks in advance due to availability.



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