Spiritual Coaching with TLB Kruger


Book a 60 min one on one coaching session with TLB Kruger himself.
This can be done online via Zoom or Skype, a WhatsApp call or face to face at our centre.

Benefits of booking a session:
* Need help with finding purpose? TLB can guide you on your active and dormant archetypes and what your life path shows based on your archetype analysis
* Need help on your spiritual journey, where to start, how to start or if you are stuck what needs to be done to move forward again? TLB can give you context and understanding on what is happening based on an iChing Oracle session
* Need help on understanding Part 2 of The Perennial Truth book? Engage in a questions and answers session with TLB on The Perennial Truth book.
* Need help on how to stop your thoughts during meditation and to move into the higher states of Samadhi? As a Himalyan Kriyaban initiate and custodian of the Maha Khala Meditation

For Masters and Dynamic members of SOS you gain free access to a private WhatsApp group with TLB Kruger for real time questions and guidance on your journey.


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