Self Mastery Course for Young Adults


This program is offered for young adults aged 16 to 24 years. The program is a 12 month journey starting 9th January 2020. Sessions are monthly online via zoom with a structured course of understanding who I am, what I am and how to find my purpose in life. A personal WhatsApp group is created with direct access to a support community of like minded you adults. In a world of so much uncertainty our youth need more understanding and guidance than ever before and that starts with self knowledge.

This course equips young adults with skills and tools to manage their mental health, physical vitality and overall emotional wellbeing creating self confidence, self acceptance through self understanding.

The donation fee of $30 is a once off annual fee for the entire program with lifetime whatsapp support thereafter. We believe in our youth and their mental health and this program is part of our cause.

Facilitators include TLB Kruger and Karen Kruger.



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