Podcast Show | A Bitch Called Karma


Before embarking on this journey with TLB, Karen experienced her own life’s challenges which left deep rooted pain and suffering that she was not even aware of. Now 46 years later, she reveals through excerpts and commentary  from her unpublished book titled, A Bitch Called Karma, her journey through this dream called life and the karmic lessons learnt along the way and well as the foresight into those lessons. The title is not to be taken humorously but rather in respect for this Divine Creation : B refers to the higher BEING, I refers to IN, T refers to TOTAL, C refers to CONTROL, H refers to HER/HIS SELF, so standing for Being In Total Control of Her/His self. 

Kitch, maybe, but it was over 20 years ago when she started this from a traumatic experience of loosing a loved one so at the time the anger came out as Bitch and later grew to gratitude and respect finding meaning and converting the negative experience to a positive revelation.

This Podcast is exclusive to the SOS Dynamic Suite and is an interactive discussion with the members on their own journey and experiences. The purpose of the Blog is to share, inspire and create understanding where relevant to our day to day experiences of life and to become aware that we’re not alone and that we all in fact experience the same challenges in life, just in a different way. The lessons are the same.

Through the podcast, Karen highlights how TPT understanding makes you see the Karmic meaning behind all experiences which allows you to step beyond the pain and suffering.

Access the raw, authentic podcast by Karen Kruger and follow her journey of love, pain, and suffering through her karmic understanding of life’s challenges and how this has given her meaning and purpose on the journey of awakening. Get personal with Karen on how she met Spiritual Science Author TLB Kruger and her spiritual journey thereof. This podcast is exclusive to school of samaya’s website and will be open for subscriptions 1 December 2020. Subscribe and donate towards our cause. At $1 per month billed annually enhance your self mastery understanding by connecting to Karen and her own life’s experiences.

Access is free for membership to the training suites of SOS.



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