Maha Khala with Amar & Taara


    Morning Retreat with Amar and Taara. This is a customised individual session where you can spend the morning in the company of Amar and Taara and one with nature. You will learn the basic steps of Maha Khala and apply them during the retreat as Dynamic Meditation with Amar and Taara.

    The retreat follows a structured program:
    8.45am-9am – Registration and Orientation
    9am-10am  – Unconscious Creative Understanding journey with self reflections
    10am to 11am – Maha Khala Stage 1 & 2 Training in Nature
    11am-12am  – Dynamic Meditation & Healing with Amar and Taara
    12am to 12.30 – Lunch
    12.30 – 1pm – Wrap up session