Dynamic Suite Membership


The Sincere Seeker membership is for advanced seekers who would like to enhance their spiritual experiences and understanding as well as become Perennialist Coaches & Teachers at SOS. Membership gives you full access to all content as well as the Dynamic Suite and more advanced courses like, Vashishta, The Dhammapadda, The Sutras of Saraha, The Gospel of Thomas and more. You also gain personal access to a private WhatsApp group for sincere seekers and connect real time with TLB Kruger and focused community on their journey of awakening from this dream reality called life.

  • Full Access to Meditation Suite
  • Full Access to Masters Suite
  • Full Access to all Podcast Shows
  • Full Access to all Webcast channels
  • Exclusive Content
  • Exclusive Advanced Courses
  • Live online courses with TLB Kruger
  • Invite to private WhatsApp group community
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