Archetype Analysis and Reading


This is a coaching program that is done with Karen or TLB Kruger via email and WhatsApp with a detailed Archetype report and an in-depth voice recorded coaching guidance based on your report. The 12 personas within us are a direct reflection of what we attract in our life. This 20+ page report combines your zodiac chart and the elements and integrates this with your 12 Archetypes to give you a more in depth analysis of your ego, of who you really are, and the strengths and weaknesses of your archetypes.

What you will gain:
An understanding of each of your archetypes, their polarity, their element focus and whether they are active or dormant.
A clearer picture of who you really are
A more defined understanding of your life path and journey

This is a great chart analysis for everyone but especially for parents to understand their teens and young adults better or children in general.



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