Change cannot be done alone but when the pebble drops there is definitely a ripple effect that follows. Help us make a difference in mental health and emotional wellbeing. Look at the chaos around us from radical racism to fearful hate, we are not a kind that shows compassion and love. On our journey towards creating oneness, towards Homo-Perennis, knowledge and understanding is needed at a fundamental level, at a personal level and our Maha Khala Meditation App, in its uniqueness, together with our products offered on this online platform, is our way of shifting consciousness towards compassion and love. But we need your help, we need your support. Contact us to get involved in your own community and let’s change how we think about ourselves and with this new found self acceptance and self love, fear falls away and we will be able to spread this love to our community and they in  turn will spread this to their community. The Ripple Effect is the new normal of change towards the greater good.

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