Donate to our Cause

100% of the proceeds goes towards serving one of our projects.


Our primary program is in the care of two tigers saved from the animal export trade in south africa. Your donations contribute towards food and enrichment activities for these sentient beings. We thank you in advance.


Our second cause is in making the Maha Khala Meditation App available to rehabilitation clinics, schools, universities, foster care homes and children’s care centres. Your donation makes a difference, thank you. 


Understanding our karmic influences carried from previous lifetimes can help set us free from this bondage. With your donation, we offer our Maha Khala Meditation app to various care centres for the abused.


Some of our most treasured wisdom comes from the elderly and to contribute towards the transition of their next adventure, your donation allows us to offer our Maha Khala meditation app to care homes.

The Voiceless

By signing up to one of the programs below you gain access to exclusive footage of Amar and Taara that is not made public and you contribute to their wellbeing. You also get a Certificate of Gratitude for your donation.