My silent whispers today…..So here’s Karma in action. This Covid thing is a shift of consciousness on the planet. Forget about the pandemic and the physical body but see what’s happening on a cosmic plane. In order for us to move into ascension of Dwapara Yuga a major shift needed to happen and so the B.I.T.C.H snaps her fingers of alchemy and whala…global change…now this meant change on our part as well and I’ve been battle in conversations with Divine to show us where we’re meant to be headed. Is online right? Is meditation with Amar and Taara 🐯 right? Is offering teacher training programs right? We have to generate additional income somewhere due to our business slowing down to ensure the babies 🐯 are taken care of in addition to all the wild life πŸŒΏπŸ¦œπŸ¦†πŸ¦‰on the property and so this conversation starts a few weeks back. For me this journey has always been and Outside In journey not the other way around. My triggers and messages are always the reflection of something or someone that my senses can perceive and those messages trigger to my unconscious whatever crap I’ve stored there πŸ™ˆ so Divine spoke to me in a few ways : 1. I had 3 people look for one on one coaching and meditation programs….so I said check, confirmation but my ego was still not convinced even with 3 different people requesting guidance 2. Our trademark of Maha Khala for USA, UK/Europe and SA were all approved last week and if that was not enough 3. Last night we had this spotted owl show up. First time ever and Tjaart and I sat in meditation with it….for those wondering an Owl πŸ¦‰ is a symbol wisdom, silence/meditation, and higher intelligence. And in some cultures believed to be magicians or alchemists of change or bringing about the new. Boom! Take that Ego! Worry is something that I used to struggle with, and combined as an empath that caused my health issues of endometriosis. I was ruled by my ego and the negative aspects of my archetypes. I wish we could teach our kids how to just trust in the signs that divine sends to us. To trust our own intuition and to trust that we are always taken care of. Oh wait that’s what divine is also saying we need to do by offering meditation programs with tigers πŸ€ͺ Divine speaks to us through nature and following the signs she send us through people and situations. Through this we can connect with the void of our consciousness directly. Karma is a Divine Feminine Warrior to be respected totally. Because we can either follow her guidance or choose to follow the limited guidance of our intellect and ego and stay in this wheel of cause and effect. I choose the former. I choose Karma even if I have to bleed a little to evolve. 😬 Karmas message : Trust and Patience my dear Karen πŸ€“

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