Open Minded

Things don’t JUST happen! If you can move through life with expanded awareness then you will be able to ‘see’ the lesson that Divine is trying to show you to move forward on your journey. Lessons are not only emotional or healing of past trauma, a simple lesson can be looking at why your brand new borehole tank doesn’t have an inner membrane layer (vital for keeping algae out)……now you can go up in arms at the supplier on the whys and how’s but looking with awareness at why Divine has done this can take you to the karmic lesson of showing you that you needed to add iodine or chlorine etc to get good drinking water….and all you had to do is ask ‘what must I learn from this’ or ‘show me what I need to know’ and then divine guided you to doing research on why the membrane is needed and you then realise ‘oh ok need to filter the water more!’ And that’s the power of the present moment….easy peasy Japaneesy 😬 …true story by the way…today’s journey….we can get so caught up in ‘being spiritual’ that we forget life is part of that play! Life is the spiritual journey. We could have fought the fight…got warrior in arms with the supplier and caught in the emotional stress of now redoing two weeks of work and creating new karmic lessons for ourselves but when you’re able to be present in full acceptance…everything falls into place…we get the new tank with the membrane and add the elements that divine has guided us to understand from this situation. Divine is reflected in every activity and every obstacle and in everything. You have one simple task….just be present…not mindful….be present…in the present moment…thoughtless….and surrender to this moment and Divine will show you the way….effortlessly….pretty cool right….so living with awareness becomes an adventure….Karma kicks ass! I have much gratitude and respect for this divine creation…💜

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