Self Mastery for You & Yours

Self Discovery

Self Mastery

Self Acceptance

Our Self Mastery Suite has an extensive range of courses and resources to guide you and your family on the journey of awakening.

For You

Our foundation of knowledge seats itself in The Perennial Truth. Embark on an intimate journey of self understanding and self discovery. A wide range of courses with supporting videos and podcasts and guided programs. Become master of your life.

For Kids & Tweens

Our Self Awareness programs is sure to engage your child on their own journey of self acceptance and self love. The extensive range of guided meditations and online courses will keep them engaged while they learn more about themselves.

For Teens & YAdults

In this digital age of mental chaos, we offer your teen and young adult a safe space to question who they are and explore the answers through guided programs of self discovery and self worth. Unlimited access, customised programs and online coaching.