Maha Khala - 2 Day Retreat

Free your mind!
Enjoy two days of being in nature, high Pranic food and in the presence of Amar, our Siberian Tiger and Taara, our Bengal Tiger, all while connecting to the unlimited potential of the present moment that is available to you. 

Who can attend: 
Anyone who has started their Maha Khala practice. Read the Retreat details for more information.

What will you learn
Deepen the six stages of Maha Khala
Breathwork and Pranayama techniques
Mudras and Yantra techniques for meditation
Locks and Bandhas for kundalini shifts
Sound and Vibrational Resonance

What will you experience
A sense of freedom
Joy and Bliss
Rejuvenation through the healing processes
Communion with consciousness

Retreat Details
This is a 2 day retreat from 9am to 5pm on Saturday and 8am to 5pm on Sunday (Times may vary). The retreat is held at School of Samaya’s Sanctuary in Carlswald, Midrand. The purpose of the retreat is to allow you to experience the art of being present at any given time in any place or situation you find yourself in. This meditative state of being allows you to be one with the whole and in total acceptance of what is. The Art of Being allows you to be in the present moment at will. The program includes healing processes for cleansing and rejuvenation. This is a Silence Retreat and further details will be emailed to registered participants on preparation that needs to be done prior to the retreat. Booking close 14 days prior to the retreat to accommodate for the preparation so early bookings are required. Retreats are only confirmed if we have 10 persons attending due to the processes and energy dynamic of the retreat. Should we not have fulfilled the retreat, we may move dates to the next month. Retreats are held monthly.

Silence your mind and hear your soul speak. 

About the facilitators

TLB Kruger is a Spiritual Science Author with over 3 decades of experience having taught thousands of seekers, his unique Maha Khala Meditation technique, to deepen their spiritual experience. His publication The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul first introduced the Maha Khala process and now experience this ancient technique, first hand with TLB himself. 

Karen Kruger is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach with over 19 years experience in offering her healing services and guiding people towards understanding their karmic debts.


About the program :

Day 1 : 

Breathwork and Pranayama

About Maha Khala

Beyond Thinking

Beyond Choosing

Beyond Effort

Group Healing Processes


Day 2 :

Breathwork and Pranayama 

Beyond Passion

Beyond Ego

Dissolving into the Void

Group Healing Processes

Book your space today! This Silence retreat is limited to 10 persons only.

Retreat Fee : R3200 all inclusive 

Details on times, what to bring and what to wear will be shared in the Info Pack on booking confirmation.  The advanced retreats are the same price but with an extra day for those who have completed the basic retreat. The advanced retreat includes the Dynamic Maha Khala practice in applying mudras to be present at any given time during any activity. 

Payment can be made online and confirmation sent to