SELF Rehabilitation



Assess your state of being.

Can you meditate without the thoughts invading your practice? Do you meditate in a closed space or have you learnt how to be present in any space, even at work or while doing daily chores? How do you take care of your mental health and emotional wellbeing? Spiritual Science Scribe, TLB Kruger has over 3 decades of meditation experience, teaching thousands of students the ancient Maha Khala technique.  He now offers you the ultimate SELF Rehabilitation toolkit on this dedicated online platform, to help you transform your state of being and your overall experience of life.

Your state of being determines your happiness!

Journey with TLB on this free 15 step SELF Rehabilitation process and understand what gives you energy and what takes away your energy. Discover why Maha Khala is the crown jewel for managing your mental health, emotional wellbeing and advanced spiritual experiences. 

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