Access the present moment and discover who you really are

The present moment is the only real time. The past is over and can never be redeemed and the future is an endless game of what ifs that one has any control over. By accessing the present moment, one follows the higher consciousness rather than trusting the limitations of the archetypes and the ego.

Train your mind and become master of your life

Self Mastery is a journey of understanding who you really are and why you are here, experiencing the cycles of life and death. Embark on a guided journey with TLB Kruger in mastering your life and step into the present moment to access the ultimate potential of consciousness that awaits you.

In 2018 TLB & Karen saved Amar, a Siberian Tiger and Taara, a Bengal Tiger from the hands of the export medicinal animal trade.  While meditating every morning with Amar and Taara at the SOS Sanctuary, TLB and Karen’s Maha Khala meditation practice deepened so much so they were blessed with Samadhi experiences. It was from this gratitude of being in nature and listening to Divine’s guidance that the Maha Khala Meditation program was manifested into a greater training tool that was originally documented in The Perennial Truth book. Through a guided step by step process over six stages, the Maha Khala Meditation program takes you on an inner journey of self discovery. It trains the beginner to learn how to come into the present moment and be in a meditative state with expanded awareness, at will. And gives the experienced seeker a tool to stop their thoughts, at will, during their meditation practice, and experience the higher states of Samadhi. Get the Maha Khala Meditation App on the App Store or Google Play  or SIGN UP to School of Samaya’s Meditation Suite study the full Meditation program. 

What the App entails:
Introductory Video Discourses by TLB for each stage 
Six Stages with step by step processes within each stage
Each step is guided by a video and voice note format
Self Observation questions 
Online Journal to document your experiences
A Guided Meditation  process
21 Days of knowledge talks and guided meditations

Some Benefits of the Maha Khala Program:
Promotes Stress Management
Promotes Physical Vitality
Promotes Mental Health 
Promotes Emotional Wellness
Promotes Purpose and Meaning
Promotes Higher Prana
Promotes Expanded Awareness
Promotes Rested Sleep
Promotes Acceptance and Joy

What students say about TLB Kruger

Wow what a trip!! It had a tangible effect on how I felt about the world during and after I finished it. I really enjoyed reading your words and how you guided the reader through a world of Tantra.The way in which you did this was incredible......The deep points where crazy and enlightening!!!.......had a tangible shift in my self awareness and energy.Thanks for a great experience and look very forward to the next one!
Daniel Fisher
Business Owner
I met Tjaart Kruger 16 years ago, as we trained together to become Art of living teachers. We were a handful of young people searching to experience Divinity. Budding in my own spirituality, I became very aware that this young dashing Afrikaner boy, driving a two door car, with all the girls oogling at him; knew so much about life, was layered with ancient wisdom from the spiritual masters, & clearly secrets of the universe were already revealled to him. For lack of a better expression, he was way ahead of the pack, and his thirst to know himself & Divinty was always something very palpable in our conversations. His interpretation of the ancient word is most refreshing & his courage to live his Truth, stands testament to who he really is. At the outset of his journey with writing, we had a most wonderful conversation about how to encapsulate all the beauty & wonder of Divinty that was flowing through him....I look forward to being part of Tjaarts continued journey.
Vani Pavadi
Art of Living Foundation Senior Faculty
It is only when you truly seek the truth, with heart does life make sense. The Perennial truth - as brought together religion in a simple universal way. Understanding the ego's - as made understanding self possible and purpose becomes clear. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with the world.
Marlany Naidoo