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Please note our Maha Khala Meditation Coach and The Perennial Truth Master Coaching training programs are only available to members of the school. To find our more about joining  click here….

This program is available face to face at our school or as an online training course.

The courses cost of $399 includes:

1. The course program and modules (please note to save paper most of the course materials will be online and you will have lifetime access to this). Assignments will also be available online.

2. The annual certification and registration fee for 2021 of $99

3. The online Meditation Suite

4. A teacher profile on our website and our social media pages

What you will learn:

The program will cover the understanding of Meditation and its role in the external world as well as its purpose for awakening.

1. The 6 Stages of the Maha Khala Meditation program

2. Pranayama and Breathwork Techniques

3. Mantras and Sound Meditation 

4. Mudras and Kundalini processes

5. Yantras and Visualisation Meditation processes

6. Guided Meditations

7. Healing through Maha Khala Meditation

8. Crystals for Meditation

9. Oils and Scents for Meditation

10. Meditation for Samadhi experiences

Qualifications after completion of this course:

You will be accredited with School of Samaya as a Maha Khala Meditation Coach.

SOS is an accredited training provider with the International Practice for Holistic Medicines.

You will be able to offer one on one Maha Khala Meditation coaching programs or Group Workshops and Sessions

What Support will you recieve:

We have a dedicated teacher training Telegram group for teachers that you can engage with TLB and myself directly as well as learn from other teachers on best practices.

You will have a profile page on our website and access as content provider on our Maha Khala FB Page

What are the pre-requisites and/or other requirements:

Other than being a Sincere Seeker with the aim of serving the Greater Good, reading The Perennial Truth and following our Podcast Shows would be an asset to your understanding. 

What are the benefits of being part of School of Samaya:

There are many people teaching wrong knowledge or half truths. School of Samaya prides itself in the authentic teachings of the Himalayan Sages of the ancient Tantric lineage which is over 7000 years ago.

In this age of aquarius where false messiahs are following commercial gain, getting back to the roots of Meditation and its sacredness is most important especially now where religion is loosing its foundation in the world.

School of Samaya offers an all round solution for physical vitality, mental health and emotional wellbeing, hence you grow personally as you guide and help others on their journey as well. Being part of an International Organisation helps us do good in the world in bringing people together through understanding. Maha Khala is a registered trademark to SOS and you will be part of the change that the world needs as we move through these challenging times ahead.

Are there any Franchise Fees or other fees?

Other than the annual teachers registration fee of $99 there are no other franchise fees or proceeds expected to SOS.

All details will be shared on the Teachers Agreement on the last day of the course.

How can I make payment:

Payments can be made via 

1. PayPal – [email protected] 

2. Via EFT Banking Details for local members

Contact us to confirm details.