What is Self Mastery?

We constantly hear this term self mastery, but what does that actually mean? Why do we need to mastery the self? And what is the journey leading us towards?


  1. What does self mastery mean to you in your own life?
  2. Reflect on your life! How have you dealt with pain and suffering in the past?
  3. Are you swayed by the opinions of others?
  4. What is self mastery?
  5. What are the two notions we have in the world?
  6. Why are you here?
  7. Explain your understanding of the conscious experience of life?
  8. What determines the duration of your conscious experience?
  9. What is the human being dependant on to experience conscious awareness?
  10. What does enlightenment mean?
  11. What are we learning from our environment?
  12. What are the three levels of energy?
  13. Why do we want to master the mind?
  14. How can you ensure that energy goes towards self for the awakening of your soul
  15. If you consume all your energy, what happens?
  16. What are you wanting a master or guru to save you from? What do you pray for?
  17. How do you know if you have mastered the self?
  18. What are you?
  19. What is the soul?
  20. What is the void?
  21. What is consciousness?
  22. What governs the body, mind and heart?
  23. Whats the analogy of the holy chalice?
  24. What are the 12 personas?
  25. What is self observation?

7 Day Practice

Day 1 – Observe your notions of your life

Day 2 – Observe how tired your body gets during the day and when it needs energy

Day 3 – Observe how much of your energy is left for your soul after your daily tasks.

Day 4 – Observe your body for the day

Day 5 – Observe your mind for the day

Day 5 – Observe your heart and emotions for the day

Day 6 – What have you observed about who you are

Day 7 – What have you observed about what your happiness depends on? And observe if you are the victim of life or master of it.