Understanding The Trance of Life


  1. What is a trance?
  2. What is the trance of life?
  3. What are the problems in your life there for?
  4. What are your habits in life?
  5. What are your conditionings of life?
  6. Describe what is happening in your world right now?
  7. Explain inside the room vs. outside the room?
  8. What is trance central to and why?
  9. Explain in your own words what is the event horizon?
  10. What is the difference between trance and meditation?
  11. Explain the conscious experience of life.
  12. Explain the difference between unconscious and conscious?
  13. Which level of being is connected to the unconscious?


DAY 1 – Observe the trance of your body?

DAY 2 – Observe the trance of your physical world?

DAY 3 – Observe the trance of your thoughts?

DAY 4 – Observe your trance of your mental being in your world?

DAY 5 – Observe your trance of your feelings and emotions?

DAY 6 – Observe your trance of the emotional causal being in your life and what you attract?

DAY 7 – What contributes towards your trance of life. List everything that serves life and your ego.