Laziness in the present moment can actually be a good thing.

The mind quietens, the body relaxes and the emotional being rests in that moment with no attachment to the past or future. But this is for the sincere seeker who has mastered their self to be able to observe if it truly is rest or just procrastination in getting up and engaging in life. 

These are two very different concepts of laziness. The former can become a meditative rest in the present moment and the latter may just be an excuse to retreat from life. The Maha Khala Meditation program teaches you how to be lazy in the present moment and to access all that its from that moment. When all levels of being relax to the present moment one is open to the gifts that Divine sends your way. This relaxed state can be called surrender, where there is just oneness with the whole with no desires of the archetypes to chase after or attachments to the past to wain you down. This state of ‘laziness’ can connect you to the whole.

On the other hand, closing yourself from life’s activities can hinder your growth and awakening. Yes! Each archetypes learns and grows through the worldly activities but if you retreat from life your journey can change paths, hinder your progress or even incur karmic debt.

Let’s look at why laziness occurs. I would rather call it procrastination.

  • We could just be physically tired! And this may lead us towards the negative polarity of prana. So being in a rajas state constantly can burn up your prana leaving you depleted and non motivated to accomplish anything including doing your practices. So taking care of your energy levels should be a basic need for the body. Have a look at Your Body Speaks Your Mind Coaching program if you’re keen to deep dive into your lethargy. Listen to our Podcast on Prana and Energy and gain insights into how you can do simple stuff to start taking care of your energy.
  • We could just be bored. The archetype that is active could just be bored and uninterestered and hence one would then need to shift archetypes or personas to engage the right one for that activity. Nadi Shodhana Breathwork is normally a great technique to reset and reengage. Have a look at our webcast channel for the short version of this breathwork technique.
  • And lastly the lack of passion! or even call it Lack of Purpose. It’s just a job! Someone else can do it! I’m too tired! etc etc….the many excuses that we tell ourselves or rather the archetypes tell themselves in not wanting to do a task. And this stems from sheer lack of passion or even purpose. For this, rather take the time out! Have a Epsom Salt water bath to detox (see our alternative healing tips for recipes that you can make at home), then make a big bowl of popcorn and watch your favourite movie show. BUT! And there’s a BIG BUT, after the movie, grab a pen and paper and reset and ask yourself why is this was so difficult for you to complete or why do you not want to engage. You will find this form of journalling through self reflection will unveil a deep rooted pain, fear or anguish that you actually don’t want to face. 

Divine only gives us what we are ready to face. The more the suffering the stronger you are and the more you grow towards the awakening of the soul. The less the suffering and the more in mundane pleasure you bury your archetypes then the more difficult it is for you to step beyond the trance of life.

So whenever you feel this spurge of laziness or even that of your kids know that there is a deeper meaning behind it and see if you can find that source. 

Keep Smiling!

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