Imagine if you knew your students before you even met them? Imagine understanding each student in your class and being empowered to teach with a new sense of what your students actually need. Imagine grouping your students : the intellects from the emotives, the analytics from the empaths. This will empower you with new teaching skills to really connect to the student and deliver your teachings in a more tangible way.

Knowing your Student allows you to understand their personality profiles and to be able to empower them through the right teaching methods that makes learning for them easier. 

As a teacher, you are responsible for the mental growth of the learners. Being able to observe which persona of a learner you are engaging with, and which ones need further support will assist you greatly to enable successful outcomes.

Mastering your understanding of the archetypes will empower you to understand each student prior to the start of the academic year. This can have a fundamental shift in the way you set up your classroom or group your kids making your teaching techniques much easier to execute with successful results showing through the positive development of the student.

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