Know Thy Partner

As a partner in a relationship, the first step in contributing to the relationship, is to understand the personality of your ego within. And the next step is to see how this influences your relationship with the other. When an archetype occupies your seat of will, it commands your physical, mental and emotional being. A joint analysis with your partner will unpack your relationship, and allow you to understand the natural tensions that exists between your archetypes. Understanding fosters acceptance and makes place for a new level of integration at a physical, mental and emotional level.

Understanding one’s self is first and foremost, however if you are in a relationship, this option allows you two True Personality Assessment Profiles that takes a look at your individual archetypes and looks at the compatibility of the archetypes in the relationship and where attention should be placed to ensure its longevity. When two worlds come together, it’s important to fully understand the individual world of each person in the relationship and then focus on the common ground of attraction and compatibility that has brought these two worlds together. 

This options offers you additional voice note consultation and additional profile sheets that shows the union of the two personalities.

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