Know Thy Child

The Parents of the New Dawn

Written by Abby Haddon 

The children that are coming into life experience are those that have been termed the Indigo Children.  (Children born with higher consciousness have also been labeled as Crystal Children, Earth Children, Psychic Empaths, Spirit Empaths.) Their true mission is to help change the grids of social structure.  They are changing the ideas of what society deems necessary.  They are changing the concepts of parenting and earning a living.  They are here to restructure the old belief systems.  They are creating a new structure that will be in greater harmony with the new ways of humanity.  The new systems will bring forth what is necessary to fill their needs.  This is why there is such great conflict at the family level.  It is why there is such great challenge.  They are bringing forth  the energies of the new dawn.  They are bringing the energies of new ways.  Those born after 1980 will bring new ways of functioning. 

This explains the revolt and chaos that many of these new children bring when they enact their mission on this planet.  As they are bringing forth restructuring, there is a period of turmoil and disagreement.

Many will say that this is the way of all children and parents, but they have something unique within them.  Something amazing within their spirits that cannot be swayed or subjugated.  There is something that cannot be taken from them.  That is the sense of knowing who they are and what is right for them.  

It is a difficult time for those who are their parents.  It is a difficult time for those who are raising these children.  They are trying to raise them with the old foundations of society.  They are trying to make them walk the old patterns of this disharmonic society.  They are doing what their parents did, making them conform to the patterns and belief that they had to conform to.  It is not possible now to continue to hand down the same belief systems.  The parents cannot indoctrinate their children with the same principles and social structures that they were force fed.

 It is important for parents of these new children to realise that they are not there to mould or control their offspring.  They are there to allow the child to bring forth what they are capable of.

The role of parenting must change as well as the role of children. 

We would encourage them to leave behind the old idea that ‘I am the parent and you must do what I say’.  We would encourage the parents to work together with their children to create the new social structure, belief system and code of ethics that will work for the child.  You are helping them create a belief system that will be just for them.  This way you are honouring the child.  You are allowing them to be who they are and honouring what they feel.  You are not forcing the old mould upon their lovely, delicate beings.  You are not forcing the dark, decaying ways upon these new beings of light.

As a parent, you are creating a new life experience and way of being with your child.  It is valuable to bring honour to the ideas that come from them.  Accept that what they are doing as productive.  Encourage them to manifest their ideas in school or in writing.  It is through the energy of these children and the new structures that they are making that they are bringing healing to the planet.  They have a love for the planet that has never been seen before.  They have within them the way to bring healing to the planet.  The termination of many problems and conflicts on many levels of the planet is brought about of this fostering of the strength of these children.  Their new way of thinking and feeling about themselves is allowing the new humanity to be born.

It is a difficult role for a parent today.  They must provide some traditional structure and guidelines, but not squelch the blossoming spirit of these children who are in their care.  It is a complex experience to bring forth.  Parents are looking for support.  They are looking for others to help them work with their children.  There have always been conflicts between parent and child.  Now, the energy grids are changing, so that the immortal conflict between parent and child will be resolved.

It is really the parents that are in need of change and healing more than the children.  These children are bringing forth the opportunities for the healing of their parents.

There are many difficulties for children now.  There are many temptations upon their path.  When they are not given honour and acceptance within their family, they are attracted to ways of expressing or subduing their anger.  This places them in the midst of negativity.  The negativity these children experience can manifest on many areas of life in this planet.

In creating  new interaction between parent and child,  many will begin to prosper and heal.  Healing will be coming to those who do not have children.  Healing will come to those that feel lost and destitute, and have no way to fit in to this world.

What is happening in every kitchen and living room, between every parent and child is healing the planet as a whole.

When you honour and work with your child, when you bring forth their beauty and allow them to blossom and flower, you are bringing forth blossoming of the whole planet.  You are helping to heal all beings of all ages on the planet.

This new way of functioning has been very traumatic for some children.  They will find their own way that may bring dissolution of their original family structure.

When children are being nurtured and allowed to be who they are,  this planet will  receive great healing and transformation.

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