”To grasp The Perennial Truth (TPT) requires terms that do not exist in English vocabulary, expressions that attempt to convey the essence of the various realms of existence as well as the individual spiritual experience. To write this book, I had to learn these ancient terms so I could correlate them to my own understanding and translate them into English phrases.”

TLB Kruger has been studying spiritual sciences for almost 3 decades. His personal quest propelled his connection with ‘Shiva’, a term he connects with consciousness directly in receiving, what he describes the truth of all religions encased for the ultimate awakening of mankind. 

As we journey into the mental age of Aquarius, religions will no longer hold esteem. The Perennial Truth will become the foundational platform for understanding one’s self through self inquiry. No longer, will we need the beliefs of others to guide us towards our highest potential.

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The sun orbits a higher star called Paramesthi. Its duration is called a Great Year Cycle that lasts 25,800 Earth years. While our sun emits solar energy, Paramesthi emits mental (prana) energy—a subtle life force that our minds can directly absorb. Prana fuels our mental activity and its presence has a significant impact on our cognitive awareness and mental capacity.

This elliptical orbit of our solar system subjects us to mental seasons, just as we are subject to annual solar seasons. Mental Dark Ages occur when our solar system is furthest from this prana-sun and the available prana on our planet at its lowest. We are currently exiting such a Dark Age, known as the Age of Pisces. During the height of the previous Golden Ages (14,000 BC), and more specifically, the Age of Virgo, human beings could communicate telepathically by projecting moving images directly into the minds of others. But this ability was lost near the end of the Descending Silver Ages (4500 BC) during the Age of Gemini. The biblical story of the Tower of Babel and the “confusion of tongues” described in Genesis marks the time in history when we lost this telepathic ability. At first, we resorted to drawn pictures and hieroglyphics to replace it. Later, objects were given names, and spoken language was developed. Written language came only much later. Needless to say, language is a far less effective method of communication and, due to the possibility of mistaken subjective interpretation, limits our ability to accurately convey experiences and thoughts.

Examining religions’ relevance to humanity from the context of a mental cosmic cycle reveals that religious doctrines relate to specific cosmic seasons, each with a particular level of prana and a corresponding degree of mental awakening. What is true for the Age of the Warrior (Aries), who seeks an eye for an eye, is not so for the Age of the Martyr (Pisces), who turns the other cheek. According to this measure, many of our current religions are at the end of their designated cosmic season, clinging to relevance in mutated form, to the detriment of the very people they once intended to serve.

Now in this Mental Age of Aquarius a new global religion dawns where oneness is at the root of awakening and The Perennial Truth and the teachings by TLB Kruger offer a deeper understanding of who we are, why we are here and how we can awaken from this slumber of the wheels of time.

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