I’m grateful for the suffering

I’m hard on the world because I’m hardest on myself. Sometimes martyr gets all depressed about not being able to get close to people but seeing people’s lack of awareness reminds me how much more effort I have to put in my self on this journey of awakening.
No rest for the wicked. Consistency is key! There’s no room for fakeness or hypocritical behaviours. By being authentic it means you don’t change behaviours to suit the outside world. That’s just the faces of the ego. By being authentic you remain grounded in your connection with divine and allow the world to embrace the real you.
I have created a perfect whole! A balance of yin and yang that manifests in the maya and you, my dear Karen are part of this maya. This balance is within you too so embrace the hardness and the softness as I created you perfectly in my image….my silent whispers with divine mother for this morning….
Trying to please people all the time can pull us into a space of not being authentic to who we are….we become the great pretender that we get lost in these layers of not being ourselves.
Acting one way with our parents, another at work, and yet another with our friends or colleagues or even with our other halfs…..even with our children….
And we remain lost for fear of who we may actually find if we try to reveal our true authentic self….
That’s why self observation is soooooo difficult that stops people from moving forward on their journey of awakening. To face yourself you have to strip down to your nakedness and that’s not what many of us want to see reflected back at us…..
The struggle is more intense and the harder your external life has been the stronger you are to deal with what comes on this journey.
Spiritual masters won’t tell you this because for one it’s lifetimes and lifetimes of preparation before you come into an embodiment that’s ready and two no one would actually want to walk the path if they really knew what it entails 🙏
And so karma and her subtlety exudes patience just so that you’re not overwhelmed too much! 💜 ain’t she considerate 😜
I feel very blessed…for all my suffering 💜

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