Identity versus Personality

What is the difference between Identity and Personality?

We so often group ideologies or descriptions to suit a simpler understanding, however through this the truth becomes greyed out affecting the greater understanding of life and its meaning. 

So what is the difference between one’s identity and one’s personality?

Both identity and personality belong to the ego.

Identity indicates which aspects of life your ego is identified with. As an example: there are many religions in the world today, but your ego initially adopts a specific one. The same is true for your nationality, gender, vocation, race, and so on. Identity indicates “what” or “which” aspects of life your ego has adopted.

Each aspect of identity also has a level of intensity that is specific to you. You may be a Christian, or an American, but these identities may not be very important to you. Or you may be quite fanatical about it and be prepared to sacrifice your life for this aspect of your identity, like a jihadi, or a soldier.

Personality indicates your “how” in life – the way you feel, think, and act. Your personality has distinct personas. This is true for all of us. Each persona has its way of doing things, of thinking and feeling. You could call these traits habits and conditioning. Within your personality each of these personas have a distinct level of maturity and relative importance. Your learner persona eventually becomes a teacher. Your dependant becomes a provider, and so on. And at any given moment of your life some personas may be more predominant than others. You can deduce which personas are more predominant by considering which aspects of life are more important to you. If you care more about having fun than your job, then your jester persona is more dominant in you than your provider persona, and so on. As you mature, and your priorities change, you experience a shift in your balance of personas and their maturity, and hence your personality evolves.

In short, identity indicates what you take personally, and personality indicates how you deal with it.

In your True Personality Assessment profile you will be able to analyse the 12 personas of your ego and within that embark on shadow work to discover the identities of each of your archetypes and how they respond to your life’s experiences. 

For more on this topic listen to the Podcast Episode entitled Conditioned by Birth. 

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