Gods and the Forces of Creation

We are all like sailing ships crossing the ocean of life. Biological, mental, and emotional forces are the winds that power our sails, propelling us toward a mechanical destiny. But we have the inherent ability to trim our sails if we wish or to turn them fully into the wind and be swept along effortlessly. It just takes a little awareness to become aware of these forces and use them as an opportunity for the soul’s awakening.

For millennia, humanity has observed the natural forces of nature with awe. We have even elevated them to the status of gods, each with its own name. But are these forces on the outside any different to the forces we experience within? Does our solar system not resemble the very structure of the trillions of oxygen atoms that help make up our physical bodies?

In previous chapters, we covered the fact that what you see as the outer world is really just a reconstituted holographic reflection of its reality in your mind. Knowing this, are the forces that rule your world outside of you or within you? And if you have progressed to the realization that these forces are within you, do you know how to evoke a particular force in your world?

Your causal being is mobilized by passion. At the mental level, a brilliant idea will do the trick. Your physical being is moved by biological forces like lust, hunger, or thirst. 

Each realm has its specific forces that animate our respective beings and motivate us to engage with others.

You have covered the detail of some of these forces in earlier chapters. The waves of life are not there to be conquered, but rather to be skillfully ridden like a surfer. Life is constantly showing you the way. Where to go. Where not to go. Obstacles are often signs to change direction. Or of a lesson waiting to be learned. Learn it and move on.

Your physical being is possessed by your mental being, and your mental being by your causal being (emotion). Your soul possesses all three. Forces are the movement of energy that results in actions, thoughts, and feelings. Their corresponding laws govern the movement of these forces.

Energy in its vital state keeps moving between polarities. Objects are nothing but energy viewed as a fixed thing. But it is not fixed. The water flowing from high to low under the influence of gravity gives the appearance of a river. But there is no river really. From moment to moment you are seeing different water. Conditioning can make you think a river is a fixed thing, but the truth, as they say, is that you can never step into the same river twice. The moment the water stops flowing, the river is gone. So it is with all matter. 

Matter is an illusion created by stagnant energy. An enlightened person sees nothing but energy everywhere—certainly no objects that are lasting. Everything is in transition from one state to the next. 

Some faster than others. But there is nothing in the world you can remain attached to or use as a foundation to build an eternal house on. Only the soul is lasting. The rest is just an illusion of energy. Even seasonal knowledge and relationships pass away.

The forces of creation all have a common ancestor, namely the trinity. It cascades from the level of the ego to the level of matter, directed by the creative octave of consciousness. Through consciousness, the higher creates the lower, and the lower fuels the higher. The forces and the levels of creation are inseparable. Together they enable the creation of the three levels of being.

Your body is subject to the biological stirring of physical attraction. When your soul identifies with the body, thoughts, and feelings, it becomes contained by the ego and is temporarily separated from the remainder of consciousness. This consciousness, contained by its own identification, in this manner, becomes son of man, seemingly subject to the forces of the realms. Even though the soul is beyond creation, it suffers by association because of attachment to the objects of the realms.

The levels of existence that apply to the individual also apply to the cosmos. At the highest level (the seventh),  previously described as the level of the soul, we have the Supreme God. This is the realm of pure consciousness, beyond creation and its wheels of time, uncontained by identification. As a result of its elevated position beyond time, this Supreme God knows the past and future of all contained (embodied) souls. 

The Supreme God existed before creation, before there was a Trinity, and will do so after the universe has disappeared.

 Omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence are the attributes of this God. It is all-knowing, all-pervasive, and all-powerful. This is the God of monotheism, who is genderless (beyond duality) and is known as YHWH (Judaism), Allah (Islam), Brahman (Hinduism), Amun (Egyptian), Baha (Baha’i Faith), Waheguru (Sikhism), and Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrianism). This Supreme God, who is pure consciousness, is represented by a sphere at the top of the levels of existence illustrated in figure 20. 

The only way to connect to the Supreme God is through your soul.

In monotheism, this highest God is regarded as the Supreme Being and the principal object of worship. This Supreme Being of existence is also regarded as omnibenevolent, giving us a creation in which everything serves the greater good.

The Supreme Being is experienced in the world as the cognitive awareness of all. The witness in you. You could say that the awareness in you is the presence of this Supreme Being. That the whole creation and all its levels are nothing but the creative expression of this Supreme Being. You evoke this Supreme Being in your world when you choose to apply your awareness to any moment.

At the moment of creation of the universe, this Supreme Being divided into the three forces of the Trinity. The Christian Trinity is a personification of these three forces of the Supreme Being. These forces exist at the highest level of duality and therefore include gender. They are known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Mother). 

It is fair to state that the Holy Spirit is feminine, considering that father, mother, and child are the cosmic trinity of nature.

The Son represents the souls that are embodied. From a perennial perspective, it would be more accurate to call it Holy Child, as the soul is genderless and the sex of the bodies it possesses will change after every twelfth lifetime.

The Hindu trinity consisting of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Sustainer) and Shiva (Destroyer), is the Eastern equivalent of the Christian Trinity. They are regarded as personifications of the three primordial forces (primary gunas) namely sattva (creative), rajas (sustaining) and tamas (destructive). Brahma is the equivalent of Christianity’s Father, Vishnu of the Holy Spirit and Shiva of Christ.

In the act of creating the universe, the Creator (Father) is established. Without a creation, there can be no creator, sustainer, or destroyer. The role of the Holy Trinity should, therefore, be considered directly linked to the lifespan of the universe. The Holy Trinity find their immortality when they are dissolved back into the Supreme Being at the dissolution of creation.

The Supreme Being integrates the Holy Trinity of the cosmos for the life of the Universe so that they can act as one, just as you have three beings that are integrated as one by your soul. This integration exists as the cosmic ego called “I am that I am”.

The Father is deism’s Creator. The Father and Holy Spirit are theism’s God. The Son (embodied) is pantheism’s God. The Supreme Being who cannot be experienced directly in creation is atheism’s refuted god, who doesn’t exist by appearance, and agnosticism’s unknowable god. 

Each of them represents a different version of the same truth, varying only in context. 

Pantheism, which holds that God contains but is not identical to the Universe, is closest to The Perennial Truth when it comes to understanding the nature of the Supreme Being.

These varying perspectives of religions remind me of the story of five blind men who attempted to describe what an elephant looked like by touching it. The one who examined the rear leg of the elephant said it was like a tree, the one holding the tail described it as a rope, the one who held the trunk described it as a very large snake, and the one holding an ear said 

it was a large leaf. The fifth one, who couldn’t find the elephant, insisted that there was no such thing as an elephant. They were all right, of course, but limited to their experience. They were also all wrong from the context of the whole. Once you become aware of the oneness of all, the presence of the Supreme God can be seen everywhere.

The word God means to invoke, to call, or summon. According to ancient rituals, the aspirant, by knowing the name of his god, could use it to summon a specific force of creation to his aid. 

It is imperative from such a practitioner’s perspective to know the correct name of the force (god) he is attempting to evoke. Based on which force you are connecting to, there are different types of samadhi.

The name of the Supreme Being is not “God,” nor is “god” the name of any of the forces of creation—just as the name of our planet could not possibly be Earth. 

That would be like calling your dog, Dog. Imagine the confusion if we were to meet aliens from another planet.

So, who do you pray to and for what? This is a good time to make a list in your journal. On the left, list those things you typically pray for, and on the right, whom you are praying to.

If you are praying for love, it should be to the Divine Mother (Holy Spirit). You can call Her Mother Mary or Mother of God, or Divine Mother if you like. She is the bestower of unconditional love. If you have ever felt love descending upon you in a moment of sadness, this was Her presence.

Divine Father is the Creator and giver of knowledge. When you need wisdom or guidance, it is the Holy Father who can share the truth of the moment or even The Perennial Truth. When life confuses you, He can show you the way. Every bright idea you have received is from the abode of the Father, the cosmic intelligence. For matters concerning your health or physical welfare, the Holy Son is the one to pray to. He can help heal you and make your world a better place. You can call Him Christ or Shiva or even Lord if you like.

To receive the desired result in your life, the correct force needs to be evoked.

Many Sanskrit names have been incorporated into mantra format for just such use— to evoke a particular force in your world. Successfully summoning your required force requires your full presence in the present moment. 

This is the yardstick of sincerity and respect. Just repeating a prayer or ritual will not be successful if it is not sincere. When your heart isn’t in it, you can forget about it. Have you noticed how quickly your prayers receive results when you feel deeply? Deep emotion evokes the causal forces of creation. And the proof is in the pudding. During my training as a kriyaban, I had the opportunity to work with many of these mantras, and the results were nothing short of astounding.

It is no wonder that religious pundits found it necessary to personify these forces of creation. They are all around us. Do you think our sun, Surya, is an enlightened being or just a ball of burning gas in the sky without consciousness? Would there be any life on this planet without Surya?

Did you know that all matter in the universe comes from the energy of fallen stars? That our atomic building blocks once belonged to suns whose photons decayed into particles to form matter and anti-matter?

The gods of creation are nothing other than the forces of creation — the forces of love, the forces of knowledge, and the forces of action.

Through the soul, we can connect to the mind of creation. Call it Big Mind or the cosmic mental being; it gives one access to both The Perennial Truth and the truth of the moment. Have you ever been in a meeting and a clever insight pops into your head, but before you get a chance to share it, someone else blurts it out?

Where did this idea come from if it is a shared thought? In those moments, you have tuned into the cosmic intelligence, to which everyone can have access. Ideas are not yours—they come and go. That is why, though a quiet mind, you can know something that it is not possible to know through the senses. This knowing is usually accompanied by absolute certainty. Have you ever just known something, without knowing how? Knowledge of a present situation that just popped into your mind that you knew for sure was true? Your soul is the bridge between you and truth of reality.

We can also connect to the cosmic causal being, giving us access to the emotions of all and the experience of unconditional love. In this way, one’s heart can connect to another and experience their emotions as if they were your own.

Through your soul, you can connect to all souls and access the experience of all. And deeper still, you can connect to the source of all, pure consciousness.

I would like to ask again: Who is the God or force you call on the most? When you pray, whom do you pray to? Who is God to you? Take note of what you have written in your journal.

With the correct training, you will be able to evoke the forces of creation to help you on your journey toward awakening. In the Transformation section we cover the use of mantra and sincere prayer to achieve this. There are twenty-four mantras that can be used to overcome the obstacles of life.

Extract from The Perennial Truth | Chapter 30

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