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Meet your Instructor

Success came to me early in life. By my matric year I was the top academic student in the grade, fastest sprinter in the district, captain of the squash and chess teams, first team rugby full back and opening batsman for the first cricket team. By 28 I was the top heavy weight body builder in South Africa and CFO of Promat.

But I wasn’t happy. Winning at the cost of others offered only limited reward. I was still separate from others and insulated from life, feeling that I didn’t belong. Because of my competitive nature I had lost my trust in the world and others at the level of the heart. The best I had was belief, at the level of the mind. This prompted my search for the highest truth and I discovered that spiritual knowledge is the key to gaining personal understanding and rediscovering trust in the world and others. It enabled my journey to the heart.

Decades of self-discovery revealed to me that self-mastery is a collective experience. And that we are the creators of the world we live in. Knowledge works a lot like praise: If you praise another you are both lifted up. By spreading the truth of our existence everybody wins. Understanding empowers the individual to the benefit of all. Spreading the truth of existence enables us all to evolve to an elevated level of social responsibility and a sense of belongingness that leads to happiness. 

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