The pandemic has changed the way we engage in life, both at home and at work. With Hybrid working conditions, some have benefitted whilst others are still finding solutions to balance their mental wellbeing. School of Samaya offers a unique approach to the hybrid pressures of performance deliverables and family responsibilities.


School of Samaya’s is accredited by :
*The International Practice for Holistic Medicines
* Services Seta
* South African Council for Educators


School of Samaya’s expertise lies in understanding oneself and in learning how to access the full potential of the present moment. Founders Tjaart and Karen Kruger offer their collective 50+ years of experience in spiritual life coaching and mentoring. In addition, the Maha Khala Meditation program, that is exclusive to the school, was channeled to Tjaart in offering a step by step course that teaches one how to step beyond the relentless thoughts of the mind and to find peace and calm in the present moment.  

Meditation is misunderstood as a religious sect. The Art of Meditation is in allowing your physical, mental and emotional beings to come into the present moment and access your highest intelligence of that moment. In work this technique has fundamental benefits to Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Motivation which in turn contributes to the values of any company. 

School of Samaya integrates the whole person with the goals of the company thereby fostering a unique oneness of energy that contributes towards the success of both the individual employee and the company.

The philosophies of the school is based on The Perennial Truth by Tjaart Kruger and is an independent spiritual science academy that is all inclusive.




School of Samaya offers it’s trademarked Maha Khala Meditation technique that that trains one on managing the relentless thoughts of the mind and allowing one to expand their awareness and access their intuitive abilities.


Tjaart is an initiate of the Himalayan Kriya and has taught Breathwork and Meditation for over 20 years. Through specific breathwork processes one can influence the mind and the emotions into a more relaxed state of awareness, allowing the body to free itself from stored toxins fostering higher energy and a more vibrant self.


We often forget that trauma is stored in the unconscious mind and is reflected through the mental mind in the way we think and the actions we take in our daily activities which has a direct impact on our state of being. The programs at School of Samaya focus on a holistic approach to wellness targeting physical vitality, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Our Expertise

Maha Khala and The Art of Being

The Maha Khala program can be introduced as an onsite or online program with lifetime resources thereafter. The program is a 2 hour session that includes a talk on The Art of Being and a guided process thereafter. Learn more about Maha Khala.

Wellness Retreats

In practicing spiritual sciences and applying it in their daily life's chores, Tjaart and Karen offer a unique approach to employee wellness retreats focusing on a 3-Tier approach : C-Level | Management retreats and Employee Team building. Learn More.

Breathwork and Meditations

As part of their own practice both Tjaart and Karen understand fully the benefits of breathwork and it's impact to one's state of mind and level of happiness. Book for a 1 hour guided breathwork and meditation session that is done online or book a morning retreat at the school.

True Personality Profiles

We have 12 archetypes that govern how we feel, what we think and the actions we take based on these thoughts and feelings. Each person is born with a set of unique characteristic that develop during their life. We offer personality and pre-employment profiles. Learn More.

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What people say?

I recommend Maha Khala Meditation. It is amazing. You see, I have tried various different daily meditations in person and online over the years but never found one that I stuck to. The Maha Khala meditations works for me for a variety of reasons but the main one being the simplicity of it, because its meditation on the senses. Hence it can be done anytime anywhere and for any duration. Which means anyone can learn to meditate and can meditate daily
Elvis Alwali
VODACOM, South Africa
The present moment was an illusive idea. Just be was none the easier. Until I found TPT and the practice of Maha Khala. When my mind is wondering at 200km/hr, the technique has helped me find focus and silence from thoughts. With my children, it means I can be fully present and enjoy the moment with them. At work, it means less effort to get the job done, and for myself it means I no longer consume myself with thinking. I am grateful for the knowledge and a tool that makes being present practical and not just an idea.
Marlany Naidoo
Nestle, SPAIN


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Programs can be done online or onsite. Contact us for customisation and pricing information. Learn More about Tjaart Kruger.

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