School of Samaya’s teaching is based on the ancient knowledge of Tantra (5000 BC), and is not associated with the Buddhist interpretation of Tantra. The practices taught focus on internal processes rather than external rituals. The knowledge of The Perennial Truth, deals with the role and awakening of individual consciousness within creation, ultimately leading to a state of oneness with the collective consciousness, which is beyond creation.

When you immerses yourself in your higher purpose and align to Divine guidance, blessings flow into the physical world and this ripple effect frees you from the suffering of the mind and heart.

School of Samaya is a non profit cause serving the greater good. We offer online and onsite programs to serve your need.

Maha Khala is a registered trademark of School of Samaya. The Perennial Truth is copyrighted to TLB Kruger. Founded in 2004 School of Samaya is based in South Africa and offers meditation and self mastery programs in the quaint agricultural holdings in Carlswald, Midrand. School of Samaya is managed by three Trustees and serves The Greater Good. TLB Kruger is the Founding Member and Master Facilitator, Karen Kruger is the Reiki Master and Co-Founder and Master Coach and Keshan Naidoo is the Operations Director. 

Since the pandemic School of Samaya has directed to share the wisdom of The Perennial Truth across various platforms to those who seek inner growth. However as with everything the splurge of mis-information can be quite daunting on the social media platforms not knowing who and what information to truth. As such SOS offers a private community on all his platforms for secure sharing and communication for deep self reflection and self awakening.


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Get your True Personality Assessment Profile and Know Thy Ego and it's archetypes that is unique to you.

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100% of SOS proceeds is donated towards the care of Amar and Taara and the wild bird life at the school.

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